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Post on June 16th, 2015

Victoria and Melbourne have one of the most complicated energy markets in the world, but so too Victoria is the second-largest electricity market in Australia. It serves 2.1 million residential customers and 300,000 businesses.

Victoria and Melbourne operate in a deregulated market. What does this mean? Well, electricity suppliers have the power to charge customers any rate they decide on (can get away with). All pricing regulations were done away with here as of 2002. These same energy suppliers also have the ability to change the energy rates they charge with just 28 days of notice to the customer.

Potentially fluctuating electricity rates makes it difficult for a customer to find the best deal as prices could change on a month to month basis.

Customer benefits in a deregulated market?

Energy providers in Victoria structure their discounts off of the total bill, off of the energy rates, or by applying a credit to the energy bill the customer receives. These variations in discounts however make it even harder to conduct accurate comparisons of price between energy suppliers.

14 Electricity Suppliers in Victoria and Melbourne

Electricity suppliers retail electricity from electricity distributors to homes and businesses. These retailers don’t always own the wires and poles too, so they purchase electricity from distributors in bulk quantity and sell it to their customers.

There are currently 14 electricity suppliers for Victoria and Melbourne:

  1. AGL
  2. Australian Power & Gas
  3. Click Energy
  4. Country Energy
  5. Dodo Power & Gas
  6. Energy Australia
  7. Lumo Energy
  8. Momentum Energy
  9. Neighbourhood Energy
  10. Origin Energy
  11. Powerdirect
  12. Red Energy
  13. Simply Energy
  14. TRUenergy

Getting Better Rates in Victoria and Melbourne

In Victoria and Melbourne, there are fourteen active energy suppliers that you will need to contact to compare rates, tariffs, fees, and charges. The bottom line is that it can become very confusing to run your own comparison of prices here, and it entails a great deal of work.

There is an easier way to compare rates for your home. Call ElectricityWizard on 1300 763 708, and we’ll compare your options with our preferred suppliers to answer all your questions in one short call.

We do what no online comparison website can. We talk to you on the phone from our Australia based call centre to find out exactly what you want, and what you need. Once we know this our duty is to match you up with a suitable electricity supplier in Victoria.

Call 1300 359 779 and let us help you make the right choice.

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