Average Electricity Costs in Victoria: Electricity Prices Will Rise Over the Next Few Years

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Electricity Costs Victoria

Post on June 13th, 2015

As a resident of Victoria, you may already be feeling the crunch when it comes to soaring gas, water, and especially electricity costs in Victoria. Lately, retail giants are offering consumers a number of different incentives and discount offers that make it sound like they are offering the best deal on electricity. But higher base rates might disguise the fact that you are being overcharged on your electricity bill. Shopping around and comparing the actual price per kilowatt hour is the best way to make sure you are getting the best deal on your electricity.

Electricity Companies and Distributors in Victoria

Victoria is serviced by five different electricity distribution networks. Citipower provides electricity to Melbourne City and the inner suburbs. The outer suburbs use either Citpower or AusNet Services. Jemena offers electricity in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. Western Victoria’s electricity network is maintained by Powercor Australia. And the electricity network for South Victoria and the Mornington Peninsula is via United Energy Distribution. This means the range of retailer prices will vary greatly based on the cost of electricity as determined by each of Victoria’s main electricity distributors. Some of the highest discounts available to Victorian residents are controlled by the distribution companies. This means it’s even more important for residents to take advantage of an expert comparison service like Electricity Wizard to navigate the confusing range of fixed and variable electricity rates.

Electricity customers in Victoria will find huge discounts are available if they start comparing. Switching providers every couple of years is one way to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Electricity Wizard has access to the latest electricity prices and plans available in Victoria. If you want to know who has the cheapest supply rates and usage charges for electricity in your state, just fill in the quick survey form and we’ll provide you with the best retail and business rates available in your region. You can compare single rate tariffs or on-peak electricity costs, look for discounts when you prepay your bill, or find retailers that offer lower rates for direct debit.

Electricity Costs in Victoria: Price Predictions for the Future

If you want to budget accordingly and plan your living expenses, consider the fact that within the next year power bills could rise by up to 10% making electricity costs in Victoria even more expensive! This equals a whopping $170 extra each year per household. Don’t get caught paying more for your electricity than you need to. Contact Electricity Wizard to compare your available plans and start saving on your power bills.

How You Could Save on Electricity Costs in Victoria

Clearly, it’s more important than ever for homeowners to be proactive and consider how to save and conserve electricity each month. The first and most effective way to potentially save a bundle on your monthly power bill is to compare electricity retailers near you. This act alone will give you the opportunity to choose from many competitive prices available so that you can rest assured that you are paying the lowest rates available on electricity per month.

Next, it’s time to reduce household electricity consumption. This has a twofold benefit in that you will reduce your carbon footprint and potentially save a bundle per year on your power bill. The good news is that potential savings can be gained by making simple changes in conserving electricity around the house.

Compare and Save Today!

It’s never been easier to compare energy providers than with Electricity Wizard. Fight the rise of electricity costs in Victoria. Call now on 1300 359 779 and speak to an energy specialist who will help you find a deal that better meets your needs.

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