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Electricity Costs Sydney

Post on June 13th, 2015

Sydney is located in New South Wales, otherwise known as the largest electricity market in Australia that services 350,000 businesses and 3 million residential customers. New South Wales provides electricity to Sydney residents using three electricity retailers, owned by the government:

  1. Integral Energy
  2. Country Energy
  3. Energy Australia

Electricity Costs in Sydney Continue to Rise

As of July 2011, Sydney households began to pay up to 20% more for electricity. According to recommendations from the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal, supported by Integral Energy, Energy Australia, and Country Energy, the average household electricity bill in Sydney, New South Wales, rose by $130 per year.

More specifically, Energy Australia requested an average $129 price increase for each customer. This increase in electricity costs in Sydney covers $56 to implement the new renewable energy scheme from the federal government, as well as an additional $73 for the carbon reduction scheme over 2011/2012.

Additionally, energy retailers in Sydney have requested these electricity price increases so that electricity networks throughout New South Wales can be upgraded to avoid common blackout issues.

How Rising Electricity Prices Affect You

Clearly, the customer is still bearing the brunt of the burden. At this time, it is more important than ever before to compare electricity retailers near you to find many of the cheapest rates available in Sydney. Although annual electricity prices are anticipated to rise, it is possible for you to save money on your monthly power bills by using an electricity comparison service to help you find the lowest rates available.

It’s no wonder that consumer behaviour throughout Australia is changing because of these sky-high electricity prices. Countless households are finding ways to conserve and save on daily electricity by reducing their power consumption. This is decreasing the demand for household electricity as consumers use more electricity in off-peak periods and consider energy efficient power alternatives.

If you want to do your part to conserve electricity and reduce the cost of your monthly power bill, here are some helpful electricity conservation tips that you can use today:

  • Make sure that your house is completely insulated in the winter. Replace weather strips on windows and doors regularly to keep heat in.
  • Consider solar power heating for your water system.
  • Open curtains in the daytime to naturally heat your home, or open windows to cool your home in warmer weather.
  • Use cold water whenever possible to wash laundry and dishes.
  • Replace regular showerheads with low flow alternatives.

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