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Want more info? Keep browsing and select through our energy market explanation pages below to learn more:

  • Electricity Market: Find out more about the different electricity markets in each state of Australia. There are 22 electricity retailers operating in Australia, and your available electricity retailers depends on your state of residence.

  • Cheapest Electricity: Uncover industry tips to help you get the cheapest monthly electricity bills. NOTE: It’s important not to shop by price alone as the cheapest price doesn’t always coincide with the best service.

  • Electricity Comparison: Check out the history, service area, and retail plans for all of the top electricity retailers throughout Australia just by clicking this page link.

  • Electricity Prices: How much will you pay for your electricity over the next few years? Find out here. Yes electricity prices vary by state, but charges are on the increase in Australia too. Be covered, be in the know.

  • Electricity Costs: Checkout electricity costs for different states across Australia.Being under informed about electricity costs can make you pay more for your electricity bills.

  • Electricity Connection: Have you found the right electricity distributor to meet your needs? Now learn how to get your power connected quickly in just a few simple steps.

  • Electricity Suppliers: Electricity suppliers vary by state.These are the firms responsible for billing customers and businesses for electricity and other energy usage.

  • Electricity Distributors: Electricity distributors in Australia regulate a specific geographic area. They own the poles and wires, they read the meters, they arrange for electricity connections and disconnections for homes and businesses too.

  • Electricity Concessions: Depending on your state of residence, you may be eligible for a wide variety of electricity concessions. You may be able to use these concessions to save you money off your monthly electricity bill.

  • Electricity Bill: Understanding your electricity bill allows you to make a better choice. With the right electricity retailer, you can save big money on your monthly electricity usage.

You can use the above helpful electricity guide to better understand your bill, the electricity market, and the concessions on offer that may slice a chunk off your monthly electricity bills.

ElectricityWizard is right here to make the electricity supplier comparison process a cinch. We enable you to quickly compare different retailers and to choose the most affordable rate plan for your area.

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At Electricity Wizard, we do all the hard work for you. When you call us, we’ll compare what you pay now against what you would be paying with a host of other suppliers in your area. We compare rates, we compare plans and we help you select the right plan for you.

If your switch is not all about price, we can focus in on whatever criteria you seek from your preferred energy supplier. So how much wil it cost you? Our service is completely free. You have nothing to lose, you have only the opportunity to gain.

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