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Post on June 12th, 2015

Electricity comparison for Adelaide and South Australia

The easiest way to save money on your home or business electricity bills is with a fast and free electricity comparison. Find out if your current electricity supplier is the best one for you. Compare your current usage rate with the range of options available in your area.

Consumers should compare electricity companies and plans every 12 months to make sure they are continuing to get the best deal and the cheapest price. Discounts change all the time, so make sure to do your research before switching suppliers.

What to be aware of when doing an electricity comparison in South Australia

Living in South Australia means you’re living in a deregulated energy market, so suppliers are able to charge any rate they choose. This can work in your favour if you take the time to shop around to find the cheapest prices for your electricity. Here’s what to look for what doing an electricity and supplier comparison.

The first step towards reducing your yearly electricity bill is understanding the local energy market. Knowing what costs contribute to the total of your electricity bill gives you the power to find ways to save money.

In order to compare electricity companies it’s also important to understand your electricity bill. Consumers need to know the various costs and discounts that make up the average household’s yearly bill, as well as how much individual appliances cost to run. Knowing what’s included in your bill will help you to understand the difference in what each supplier is offering.

Understanding your electricity bill

Your electricity bill is primarily made up of two costs – the usage charge and the supply charge.

The usage charge is what your retailer charges you for the electricity you use, and is charged at cents per kilowatt hour. It’s made up of peak and off-peak usage charges.

The supply charge is also known as the “service to property” fee. This is the cost of providing electricity to your home. Your supply charge is billed in cents per day. This fee will usually be the same each bill unless your supplier changes their pricing.

When comparing different electricity companies or different plans that might be available in your area, it’s important to add up and compare both the usage charges and daily supply fee.

Having a copy of your previous bills will show you how much electricity you use. Your average electricity use will vary depending on the season and what appliances you are using in your home.

Your usage charge will change depending on the type of tariff you’re on. There are only two set tariffs in South Australia, which are:

  • Time of use tariff – A time of use tariff means you’ll get charged different rates depending in the time of day, which usually means higher rates during the peak time during the day (4:00pm to 9:00pm), slightly lower rates during the shoulder period, and then lower rates during off-peak times.
  • Controlled load tariff – Controlled load tariffs apply to single appliances, which generally have their own electricity meter. Things like electric hot water systems, and underfloor heating, are likely to be on a controlled load tariff.

Something to be aware of is that there are two different portions to the rates you’ll be charged. There is a summertime rate (between January and March 31), colloquially known as the “summertime surcharge”, and a wintertime rate that applies through April to December.

Give your supplier a call to find out the type of tariff you’re on. Once you know this, you’ll be able to compare to other types and see if you’re able to save.

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The beauty of a deregulated market is the competition between electricity retailers. When you start getting in contact with suppliers, it’s worth asking if they can match, or beat, the rates set by other suppliers. A lot of companies will do this as a way of attracting you as a customer. Thanks to this level of competition, you have the power to find the cheapest rates, while going with the supplier that you prefer.

Electricity Wizard has access to even more discounts and special bulk-buy deals that are not advertised by electricity companies. If you want to know more about the special rates on offer, give us a call!

Understanding your electricity plan

Knowing the type of electricity plan you’re currently on can help when comparing electricity prices. There are two main types of plans you’ll find around, fixed rate plans and variable rate plans.

Variable rate plans mean that your electricity usage rate is likely to vary, depending on the discretion of you supplier, and the prices of wholesale energy. These are the normal types of plans you’ll encounter when shopping around.

Fixed rate plans mean that your energy usage rate is fixed at one rate for the term of your contract, so you’ll always be charged at the same rate. This is beneficial if you tend to use a lot of electricity during peak times. These types of plans are not currently  offered by all power companies. If you want to know which companies in your area offer fixed rates, the experts at Electricity Wizard have information on the latest prices and plans.

Understanding your discounted rates

Have a look at your current bill – you might already be receiving a discount. With increasing retail competition, electricity suppliers are willing to provide all sorts of discounts, as well as cheaper rates, and payment bonuses to attract new customers.

Despite the fact that huge discounts on energy prices are available, the Australian Energy Market Commission’s 2018 Retail Energy Competition Review found that a huge 37% of households in South Australia were on an electricity plan with no discount or a small discount of up to 5%.

These customers are paying up to $832 a year more for their electricity than customers who have compared and switched to the cheapest market offer!

Only a quarter of SA households were actually getting a good discounted rate of over 15%. Huge discounts are available to customers in South Australia that take the time to compare electricity companies and plans to find the best rate.

Stop paying too much for your energy. A quick 5 minute phone call to Electricity Wizard is the easiest way to make sure you’re getting the cheapest price possible for your energy.


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How to do an electricity comparison in Adelaide and South Australia

While it might seem like a lot of work, the payoff for comparing your electricity rates is well worth it. As well as saving hundreds on your electricity bill, you’ll also find ways to reduce your energy use and your environmental impact at the same time. Comparing electricity rates gives you a tool in the fight against rising utility costs – and that’s something we could all do with.

Here’s our quick cheat sheet:

1. Call your current supplier to determine your current peak rate and, if it applies, your off peak rate from your current bill. These rates are usually located on the back of your bill. Ask about any discounts or special offers included in your plan.

2. Start calling energy companies to get price quotes. For Peak Rate/Off Peak Rate/Supply Charge, use only EX GST rates as GST gets added on the front of your bill.

3. Find out if there are any discounts, and whether they come off the rates or off both the supply charge and kilowatt charges.

4. Ensure that you are protected for the next two years from excessive rate rises by checking that your contract has a rate protection clause.

5. Ask if they match or beat rates set by their competitors.

But remember, not all suppliers offer the same deals. If it all seems a little overwhelming and you feel like you’d prefer some further help, then that’s okay! Get in touch with us.

Get an electricity comparison today with Electricity Wizard

We can help you go through all the electricity suppliers, plans, and rates that are available. There are an increasing number of competitive electricity suppliers in Adelaide and South Australia, for both residents and businesses, including:

While we’ve armed you with the basic tools to help you find a cheaper rate that suits you, calling or emailing each company may be a daunting and slow task with long wait times.

But don’t worry! Electricity Wizard can help with our easy electricity comparison service.

  • We’ll compare apples with apples to ensure you’re comparing electricity plans that are the same and are a good fit for your home or business.
  • Ensure the supplier payment method is right. Do you like to set it and forget it with direct debit? Or maybe Bpay is more your style? We’ll make sure they have an option that suits you.
  • Find you a plan that offers extra discounts for on-time payment or other concessions if you’re entitled to special discount rates.
  • Protect you from “unexpected” rate rises. After all, we’re here to help you save money on your bill both now and in the future.
  • Make sure you are free to move homes without penalty. Moving house is stressful enough, so you want to avoid any added pressure.
  • We offer Exit Fee Protection so if you change your mind we can switch you to another company with no contract exit fees.
  • Protect you from a contract with other massive penalties.
  • Get you the “solar buyback” that you deserve (for solar system users).
  • Give you some useful tips on how you can save energy and reduce your power bill even further.
  • And so much more!

To get a fast electricity comparison on your electricity and gas accounts for your Adelaide or South Australian home, call 1300350779 now. Electricity Wizard will help you select the best option for your home in just minutes.

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