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Post on June 12th, 2015

Want the Cheapest Price for your Electricity or Gas?

If it’s your top priority to get the cheapest price on an electricity supplier, we don’t blame you. Who wants to pay more than they have to each month on their electricity and energy bill? Electricity supplier prices change on a regular basis. That is why it is important to do your research and shop around with several suppliers to get the best price.

Electricity Wizard can help you find out which electricity company is cheapest for your home or business. We will compare discounted offers, c/kWh rates, and special plan bonuses to get you the cheapest and best deal available. We will chat with you regarding your energy usage, compare your current bill, and let you know how much money you could save by switching suppliers.

Why ‘Cheapest’ Isn’t Necessarily the Best

Lots of companies try to make it sound like they offer the cheapest price by advertising discounts that sound great! But it’s important to compare the actual cost per kilowatt hour and the daily supply charge. Many advertised rates don’t include GST, or they hide extra fees for credit card payment, paper bills, or accidental late payment. Electricity Wizard will compare the bottom line price and let you know exactly what your bill would be with the range of different companies in your area.

Whilst it is ideal to shop around for the best price in an electricity supplier, the cheapest price doesn’t necessarily guarantee the best service. If you are eligible for concessions or other rebates, or you have particular requirements regarding payment, it’s important to consider the customer service benefits you might get from the different electricity retailers. Local Australian call centres might prove more reliable. You might even find the added bonus of retail rewards programs that will make it cheaper to switch to a different provider. It is important to evaluate a supplier thoroughly before signing a contract, using the following criteria:

  • Terms and Conditions – Make sure to compare rates, tariffs, and terms and conditions from supplier to supplier before switching.
  • Rate Increases – Electricity suppliers can change their rates with only 28 days’ notice, meaning that your electricity bill could vary significantly from month to month. Weigh up the benefits of low variable rates, capped increases, or fixed contacts that remain secure in each billing cycle.
  • Match Rates – Ask an electricity supplier if they are able to match or beat guarantees from other suppliers. This will ensure that you get the best deal from a dependable supplier that you can trust for the long-term.

The electricity market is becoming more and more competitive. This is why it is more important than ever to stay up-to-date on the latest rates and discounts available from electricity suppliers in your area to make sure that you are getting the best deal.

It is recommended that you change suppliers every 12 to 24 months to take advantage of the best rates and the newest technologies.

Electricity Wizard has a free call back service that will advise you if there is a better electricity plan released at any time. This service will keep you constantly updated with the best rates and discounts in your area so that you don’t have to worry about wasting money on your electricity bill.

Electricity Wizard is based 100% in Australia. We will get you the latest, most up-to-date comparison from Australia’s leading energy suppliers. We can offer free advice on switching and help you find a supplier and a plan that better meets your needs. To compare your home or business electricity rates, call Electricity Wizard on 1300 359 779 today!

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