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Which Electricity Company Is The Cheapest

Post on June 12th, 2015

How to find the cheapest electricity company in Australia

Trying to find the cheapest electricity company in Australia might sound like a lot of work. You might imagine that it will take hours and hours, making spreadsheets full of figures, prices, and various data, and spending long nights crunching numbers until you find the one electricity company that beats out all the rest for cheap electricity.

Sure, you could do it that way. If you’re a numbers geek you might even enjoy doing it. But the best way that we know to find the cheapest electricity in Australia is by doing a quick, easy electricity price comparison. Luckily for you, the number geeks at Electricity Wizard have already done the figures for you. We stay up to date with changes in the market and all the latest deals to make sure we always know which electricity company is the cheapest in your region of Australia.

An electricity comparison is the only accurate way to find any lower rates available from leading electricity suppliers in your area. But, if you try to compare electricity retailers on your own, you might find the process can be daunting. Finding an affordable electricity rate is not easy…. but it’s not impossible!

You don’t need to have the time or energy to phone around looking for the cheapest rates because Electricity Wizard has done the hard work for you. By filling out the form below or calling us directly at 1300 359 779, one of our expert customer service representatives will perform a quick price comparison to help you find out if your current electricity company is the cheapest in Australia for you. All this can be achieved in just a few moments of your time. It’s that easy!

Exercise your power of choice to find cheap electricity today

Customers that live in Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, or the Australian Capital Territory can freely compare leading electricity suppliers to find which electricity company is the cheapest. Across the board, this is the most effective way to find cheaper rates and more attractive electricity and gas packages – packages that better meet the needs of your individual household.

When you compare energy suppliers near you, you can choose to switch to a new company that will bill and manage your account. This doesn’t mean that meters, wires, poles, or the quality of electricity supply to your home will change in any way. The only change that will be made is in selecting a cheaper electricity retailer with lower rates to manage your electricity account.

The company offering the cheapest electricity rates will vary according to consumer demand. The only way to ensure prices remain low across the country is for consumers to switch to the retailers offering the lowest rates. Contact us for up to date information, or click on our Cheap Electricity guide for information about how to find the lowest prices and cheap energy providers in your region .

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Which electricity company is cheapest?

While most people want to know who the cheapest electricity company is, the problem is that it’s not always a cut-and-dried question. There are many factors to take into account when comparing prices, as distribution network, tariffs, and individual circumstances means the company that works out cheapest for a friend may not be the cheapest for you. Also, the cheapest company doesn’t necessarily mean the best.

One company with low rates might not have the greatest customer service record, and another might not even offer electricity plans in your area. Perhaps they have huge penalties if you happen to be late with a payment, or don’t offer paper bills.

If you’re looking for which electricity company is the cheapest to save money on annual power prices, the good news is that we can help. You can use our accurate electricity comparison service to compare leading electricity suppliers near you to help you find lower rates and potentially reduce energy bills by hundreds of dollars per year.

If you’re more of a hands-on type of person, you can also do it yourself! Here are some of the key questions to ask when shopping around to compare electricity companies and find the cheapest (or rather, the best) rates for you-

• First, work out the key parts of the contract that are going to make up how much you pay. Ask the supplier about the cost per kilowatt-hour, what tariff you’ll be on, and the difference between peak and off-peak hours. This is where you can get a basic understanding of what you’ll be paying.

• How long will the contract be for? Make sure you’re agreeing to a contract that’s the right length for you; you don’t want to sign up and find out you’re locked in for just one year when you were after a long-term commitment or vice versa.

• Are they going to increase their rates any time soon? Most suppliers keep their rate rises in line with the cost of living but have the ability to change rates with just 28 days notice. Some energy retailers may tell you that they don’t have a cap on their rate rises—if this is the case, then avoid these suppliers, as this signals that they could be looking at increasing their rates in the near future. Always look for affordable electricity options.

• Are they going to charge you any disconnection, moving, or contract break fees? You never know what life may throw at you, so you want to ensure that you’re not going to get charged for the stress of having to set up a new electricity connection when you move (or when you decide to search around again for a more competitive rate).

• Do they offer the type of payment option that you prefer? These days, it’s no use signing up with a company that doesn’t accept direct debit or Bpay. Make sure the supplier you’re looking at provides the payment option that you prefer.

• Do they offer any discounts or incentives? With the sheer number of electricity companies out there on the market today, companies are willing to offer little perks to new customers as a way of getting them on board. It might be in the form of a new customer discount, or something as simple as a subscription to your favorite magazine, or free coffees at your favorite café.

• If they offer a discount, is it on the whole bill or just a portion of it? Make sure you check to see if your discount is actually worth it—there’s a big difference between a cash credit each month and a percentage discount on your rate, much like whether it’s across part or whole of your bill.

• Will they match or beat a better rate offered by a competitor? That’s right, thanks to the competition on the market, you have the opportunity to play companies off against each other, and see if they’re willing to match what they competitors are offering. This gives you the chance at getting a more competitive rate with a supplier that you prefer.

Now it’s just a matter of getting in contact with different suppliers, and finding a plan that suits you!

How to compare electricity providers the easy way

If that all sounds like a lot of work, then we don’t blame you if you want to get help to compare electricity plans and prices. That’s where we can help you out. We will:

• Compare apples with apples—after all, it’s no use comparing plans that aren’t right for you!

• Ensure the supplier offers a payment method that’s right for you. Whether it’s debit, Bpay, or even with a cheque, we’ll look into it for you.

• Protect you from “unexpected” rate rises. We’re here to make sure you save money on your electricity bill, not see you pay more.

• Make sure you are free to move homes without penalty, however many times you need to.

• Protect you from a contract with other massive penalties—we’ll look into the fine print for you.

• Get you the “solar buyback” that you deserve (for solar system users, of course).

• And so much more!

Electricity Wizard allows you to quickly and conveniently compare electricity providers and plans in your area. One of our trained specialists can help you find many of the available rates and options in your service region so that you can choose a plan that better meets your needs and saves you money.

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