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Electricity Retailers South Australia

Post on June 13th, 2015

Can Electricity Wizard Find a Better Deal on your Electricity?

Our expert customer service representatives will be happy to help you find a better price for your electricity. We’ll compare your existing rate and average yearly bills and then provide you with a range of options for ways you could save money.

Our electricity comparison service is completely free! It takes only minutes to find out if you could be paying less for your energy. If we can’t find you a better deal then you can be assured that you’re already getting the cheapest possible price from your current supplier. As a homeowner or renter, you can’t afford NOT to take advantage of these potential energy savings to reduce expensive power bills.

Electricity Wizard will do all the hard work for you by comparing electricity companies in your area. Over 1 Million Australians have used our free electricity comparison service to compare rates, plans, terms, and conditions. Do you want to save money? Compare and make the switch today.

You Could Save a Bundle with Affordable Electricity Retailers in South Australia

South Australia represents the fourth-largest electricity market in the nation, after New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland. Electricity retailers in SA service over 100,000 business customers and 800,000 residential customers. The electricity supply is regulated by one major electricity distribution network maintained by SA Power Network.

The main electricity network in South Australia covers the Adelaide region as well as the major South Australian cities including Ceduna, Port Augusta, Port Lincoln, and Mount Gambier. Electricity Wizard has access to special discount through leading electricity suppliers throughout each of these regions.

South Australia and Adelaide Electricity Suppliers

    1. AGLAGL, otherwise known as the Australian Gas Light Company, has been in business since 1837 and has become a leading energy provider to more than 6 million customers. AGL was the first company in Australia to offer accredited green energy products.
    2. Alinta – Alinta Limited is a major energy company in Australia that provides service in five different Australian states, as well as New Zealand. Alinta Energy offers electricity and gas retail licenses in all Australian states that have retail competition. They began offering electricity in South Australia in 2011.
    3. Diamond Energy– With a focus on renewables, Diamond Energy offers electricity and solar options to residents of south Australia.
    4. Dodo Power and Gas – As well as supplying electricity and gas, Dodo specialise in telecommunications. Customers can bundle their mobile phone with their energy bills.
    5. Energy Australia Energy Australia supplies electricity and gas to 2.6 million residences and businesses throughout Australia with a focus on renewable energy.
    6. Lumo Energy –  Lumo is an energy company made up of four different energy suppliers, South Australia Electricity, Victoria Electricity, Queensland Electricity, and New South Wales Electricity. Lumo Energy services 400,000 customers throughout these four states, with the majority of customers located in Victoria.
    7. Origin Energy – Origin is one of the largest energy companies in Australia that has been in business for over 140 years. Origin Energy serves 3 million customers and generates the majority of their electricity with gas-fired power.
    8. Powerdirect – Powerdirect is a subsidiary of AGL and has been an electricity supplier in South Australia since 2000. Powerdirect supplies electricity to small and medium businesses as their primary customers.
    9. QEnergy Q Energy is a privately owned Australian electricity retailer that began in 2007. They service residential and business customers in South Australia.
    10. Red EnergyRed Energy is a leading retailer of renewable energy in Australia. Since 2004, Red Energy has been a subsidiary of Snowy Hydro Limited, supplying renewable hydro-energy to homes and businesses.
    11. Simply EnergySimply Energy has been in business since 2007 and provides electricity to homes, business, and corporations in South Australia and Victoria. Simply Energy provides GreenPower products, which include zero-emission, 100% accredited green electricity.

    Since the electricity market was deregulated, there’s an increasing number of electricity suppliers operating in South Australia.  This is where our expert electricity comparison service comes in. We will compare each company to help you find the most competitive rates, preferred payment plans, and flexible terms and conditions. We want to help you find the deal that best meets the needs of your home or business.

    For example, some leading energy retailers provide a diverse range of payment options for residential and small business customers – including online credit card payments; direct debit with EasyPay, regular instalments, or total account balance; Centrepay; BPAY; payment by telephone; payment by mail; or even payment in person. If flexible payment options are important to you, let our experts know and they’ll compare plans that meet your needs.

    Whatever you’re looking for in an electricity retailer, Electricity Wizard will provide you with a no-obligation comparison to see if anyone is offering better electricity rates in your area. We will help you to compare and make the switch in just a few moments with no complicated jargon, no red tape, and no headaches in the process. Call us and you could save today!

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