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Post on June 16th, 2015

Are you paying too much for electricity in South Australia?

In South Australia, SA Power Networks provides electricity to 850,000 homes and businesses through their state-wide electricity distribution and transmission network. The electricity market in Adelaide and South Australia has changed considerably over the past few years. Understanding the energy market in your area will help you to save money on your energy bills.

The South Australian Government deregulated the retail supply prices of electricity and gas in February 2013. Home and business customers can now freely switch electricity providers to find the best rate. Finding the cheapest price for electricity is the easiest way to reduce your power bills.

The ACCC’s 2017 inquiry into the retail cost of electricity found that the percentage of customers in South Australia that were still on their old standing offers had decreased over the past few years. However 15% of residences in South Australia have not switched from their expensive standing offer to a cheaper market offer.

The 2018 Retail Energy Competition Review and Tariff-Tracking Project found a difference of $840 between the worst electricity market offer and the best market offer in South Australia.

Even more amazing was the difference between standing offers and discounted market rates. The average household in South Australia using 6,000 kWh of electricity per annum on the worst standing offer is paying $1,165 more each year than households who have switched to the cheapest discount market offer.

Customers have the potential to save hundreds on their yearly electricity bills by comparing local electricity companies to find the cheapest rates.

Who to Choose for your electricity in South Australia?

Retail electricity suppliers sell electricity from the electricity distributors to homes and businesses. These retailers don’t necessarily own the wires and poles, however they purchase electricity from large-scale wholesale distributors and sell it to the customer.

If you are an electricity customer in South Australia, it is the retailer that will send you your quarterly electricity bill. These electricity companies determine the final price of electricity by offering discounts and a range of electricity plans and contracts. It’s important to compare the range of discount rates on offer every 12 months to make sure you are getting the cheapest price for your electricity.

Electricity Providers in South Australia and Adelaide

There’s an increasing number of electricity retail companies to choose from in South Australia. If you want to find out if you’re on the best plan, then click the links below. If you want a quick, free comparison of your current electricity rate with the leading supplies in Adelaide and South Australia, call Electricity Wizard. We can help you compare to find out if you should switch.

The Fastest Way to Better Rates in South Australia and Adelaide

The easiest way to get all the information you need to save time and money is to call Electricity Wizard and take advantage of our electricity comparison service. We will find the plan that better meets your needs and ensure that you receive accurate information. More importantly, you’ll speak directly to a person who will answer all of your energy questions. It only takes five minutes to see if you can get better energy rates.

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