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Electricity Costs in Melbourne

Post on June 13th, 2015

How to Save Money on Electricity in Melbourne

The amount you pay for electricity in Melbourne depends upon several varying factors per household, including:

  • Where you live
  • How much electricity you use
  • What type of meter you have
  • The electricity retailer you choose
  • The agreed discounted rate per kilowatt hour

It can be fairly difficult to compare all the different electricity retailers to secure the best deal with the lowest electricity prices in Melbourne – unless you use an accurate, easy comparison service like Electricity Wizard. On top of the various plans and discounts on electricity usage that might be available, it’s important that you understand the extra savings that could be available to you by paying on time, taking advantage of government rebates or concessions, or by switching your meter.

Using an electricity comparison service is the only way to easily compare and find any cheaper rates available in your area in less than 5 minutes.

Cheap Electricity in your area of Melbourne

There are a range of electricity suppliers in the Melbourne area. Find out which electricity distributor manages the electricity network in your region. Then find out which retailers you can choose for your electricity and gas. Electricity Wizard reviews and compares all the best retailers to make sure we offer you the biggest savings on your energy bills. We’ve helped over 1 million Australians to save money on their yearly electricity costs.

How to find out how much electricity you use

Understanding your electricity bill is the first step towards finding out how to save money on your yearly costs. Your electricity bill will record the amount of electricity in kilowatts that you have used over the quarter, along with an average daily use. You can compare your daily use with other, similar households in your area to see if you are using too much energy.

What type of Meter do you have?

Electricity costs in Melbourne will depend on the type of meter that you have at home. A large majority of homes run on single-rate meters, which means that you are charged the same cost per kWh – no matter when you use electricity throughout the day.

Other households have off-peak meters that run specific large appliances, such as pool pumps, hot water heaters, or storage heaters that are used at night. For this reason, off-peak rates are significantly cheaper since electricity has a low demand during night-time hours.

Nonetheless, the recent mandate from the Victorian government has ruled that all electricity meters must be replaced with Smart Meters or time-of-use meters. These Smart Meters will allow electricity retailers to regulate prices by the hour so that customers are charged less during peak periods. With Smart Meters, customers don’t have to wait until the next meter read to switch electricity retailers.

Smart Meter customers have immediate access to accurate and detailed information that tracks their electricity use. You can see what time of day you are using the most electricity, find out which appliances are costing you the most to run, and find out how to reduce your overall energy consumption.

Which Electricity Retailer should you choose?

Comparing the available energy retailers in your area will give you an idea of the potential savings you could get by switching providers. Find out which company offers the cheapest rate for usage per kilowatt hour. Don’t forget to also compare the daily supply changes, any connection fees, possible exit fees, contract lengths, and bonus incentives that might be on offer.

The best electricity company in your area might not have the cheapest standard tariff. Sometimes, discounted rates are not advertised. Contact Electricity Wizard and find out if we have access to special discounted rates that will save you more.

Find Discounted Rates for your Electricity

The experts at Electricity Wizard have negotiated for special discount rates to save you money. We have access to huge discounts, rebates, and special offers from retailers all throughout Melbourne and Victoria. We even have Exit Fee Protection, so you can be confident when making the switch to the cheapest rates on offer.

Compare and Save on your Electricity Bill Today!

It’s never been easier to compare energy providers than with Electricity Wizard. Call now on 1300 359 779 and speak to an energy specialist who will help you find a better deal to meet your needs.

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