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Energex and Ergon are the main electricity distributors in Queensland and Brisbane. All electricity prices are regulated by the Queensland Competition Authority to ensure that reasonable prices are made available to customers. The Authority continually monitors the quality of electricity service provided to ensure that customers receive an appropriate standard of service.

Queensland represents the third largest electricity market in Australia, after New South Wales and Victoria.

Electricity is distributed to 1.6 million homes and 200,000 businesses. Queensland now operates under Full Retail Competition as of July 2007.

Before that date, customers were not able to freely choose their electricity provider. Customers in Southeast Queensland now live in an area with active competition and multiple choices in electricity providers. However, rural residents within the Ergon Energy network do not have another choice in an electricity retailer since there is no competition in that area at this time.

The Queensland electricity supply industry is made up of:

  • Generators – There are three publicly owned generators that compete and operate independently, as well as several privately owned generators. Publicly owned generators include: Tarong Energy, CS Energy, and Stanwell.
  • Powerlink Queensland – Owns and maintains the high voltage transmission grid.
  • Ergon Energy Queensland – Offers retail service to non-market customers that have not secured a negotiated contract; a subsidiary of Ergon Energy.
  • Independent retailers.

Queensland and Brisbane Electricity Suppliers

Electricity retailers are companies that supply electricity to customers and businesses and bill customers for their service. Retailers do not own wires and poles, but they purchase electricity wholesale to resell to customers. Retailers work as middlemen between electricity distributors and the customer, paying a fee to use electricity networks to supply power to homes and businesses.

There are currently 10 energy providers that sell electricity to homes and businesses in Southeast Queensland:

  1. AGL
  2. Australian Power & Gas
  3. Click Energy
  4. Dodo Power & Gas
  5. Energy Australia
  6. Integral Energy
  7. Lumo Energy
  8. Origin Energy
  9. Powerdirect
  10. TRUenergy

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