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Post on June 12th, 2015

Who Distributes Electricity in South Australia?

South Australia has the fourth-largest electricity market in Australia, next to New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland. The electricity market in South Australia services 750,000 homes and 100,000 businesses. The primary electricity distributor in South Australia is SA Power Network.

Previously called ETSA, South Australia’s electricity distributor was rebranded as SA Power Network in 2012. Their major network covers the metropolitan area of Adelaide and the south coastal areas of South Australia. Remote area networks are also managed by SA Power Network and other providers throughout the state’s remote rural areas.

SA Power Network

In times of peak demand, the Murraylink and Heywood electricity interconnectors allow South Australia to import electricity from the eastern states. During these peak demand periods, electricity prices in South Australia increase to cover the generation and network costs.

The network costs associated with transmitting and distributing electricity form a large part of retail electricity prices. Since South Australia has one main electricity distribution network, customers are likely to receive consistent pricing from the different electricity suppliers. This means homes and businesses will know if their retailer is offering them the best discount available.

To ensure a stable supply of electricity in South Australia, along with fair retail pricing for consumers, the electricity distribution and retail network is monitored on a number of levels.

SA electricity industry overview

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