Reducing Electricity Costs in Australia: Proven Ways to Save Money Today

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Reducing Electricity Costs

Post on June 13th, 2015

According to the Australian Government Department of Resources Energy and Tourism, the Australian energy industry is a significant supporter of the state of the economy in Australia today. From 2008 to 2009, electricity and gas industries in Australia contributed $19 billion in industry gross value.

Today, energy consumption in Australia continues to increase, especially domestically. Many electricity retailers throughout Australia are having difficulty keeping up with the growing demand for energy and are forced to invest millions of dollars into the construction of new electricity plants and pipelines.

It’s no surprise that electricity rates have risen dramatically throughout Australia. Yet many Australian homeowners are unaware that they have the freedom to compare energy suppliers and choose from amongst the lowest rates, in most states.

How to Reduce Electricity Costs in Australia

Even though electricity prices in Australia have risen by 40% in the past several years, many large energy companies in Australia predict that prices will continue to soar for two specific reasons:

  1. Higher fuel costs
  2. New climate change policies

Unfortunately, there is not much Australian consumers can do to beat the odds based on the two factors listed above. Yet all hope is not lost. You still have the potential to save hundreds of dollars a month on your electricity bill by using the following guidelines for reducing electricity costs:

  • Start by comparing electricity retailers near you. Most Australians have the freedom of choice to select your own electricity and gas provider. By using an accurate comparison service like ElectricityWizard, you can easily perform an electricity cost comparison to discover any possible savings available to you.
  • Change the lighting in your home. The next time that you change a light bulb, opt for a compact florescent light globe, otherwise known as a CFL. This type of lighting uses up to 80% less power and will last eight times longer than a standard light bulb, enabling you to save money and reduce your household greenhouse emissions in one fell swoop. To find out more information, you can consult the Better Globes Calculator from Synergy, the largest energy supplier in Western Australia, to calculate the benefits of using CFLs instead of standard bulbs for home lighting.
  • Get informed about your meter. Depending upon where you live, some electricity companies may average your monthly electricity usage. By becoming more familiar with your electricity meter readings, you can keep tabs on daily electricity usage so that you can contest inaccurate charges on your bill, if necessary.

Compare and You Could Save Today!

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