Energy Rebates in Australia


Energy rebates in Australia you should take note of when choosing energy plans


Energy bills can rise, particularly during a time of crisis, and people try to cope by saving on energy costs to the point of sacrificing comfort and convenience; however, it shouldn’t be overlooked that there are energy rebates in Australia that can make it easier for you to pay your bills. Some of them are available through energy providers, while there are also energy rebates from the state and federal government.


Energy rebates in Australia


Energy Rebates Australia


If you are a low-income earner, pensioner, or have a medical condition, there are energy rebates that you can use depending on the state or territory you live in.


What are these rebates?

There are government electricity rebates, gas rebates, and utility concessions that are given as assistance to help eligible households pay their energy bills and other energy-related expenses. Energy rebates and concessions vary by state and territory, with the amount that will be received dependant on the type of rebate and personal circumstances.


Who are qualified to receive available energy rebates?

Depending on the type of rebate being applied for, there are qualifications about who is eligible for the energy rebate.

Generally, if you are a holder of the following cards, you may be eligible for an energy rebate:

    •    Concession Card

    •    Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card

    •    Health Care Card

Note: Verification by a medical practitioner may be required to determine the eligibility of most medically essential energy rebates such as the use of a dialysis machine or medical heating and cooling equipment.


Are there energy rebates for pensioners?

Pensioners and seniors in Australia are eligible for energy rebates and concessions offered in various states and territories. One must have a valid Pensioner Concession Card or Commonwealth Senior Health Card to make use of the rebate.

What are the different types of energy rebates by state or territory?


Energy rebates in NSW

There are different types of energy rebates available for residential customers in NSW:

    •    Low-income household rebate

    •    Family energy rebate

    •     Gas rebate

    •     Life support rebate

    •    Medical energy rebate

    •    Seniors energy rebate

    •     Energy accounts payment assistance scheme

In addition, 10% of the rebates will be available for eligible customers residing in an on-supplied premise such as a residential community, retirement village or strata.


Energy rebates in the ACT

In the ACT, there are three concessions that eligible customers may apply for:

    •    Utility concession rebate

    •    Medical heating and cooling rebate

    •     Life Support equipment rebate


Energy rebates in Queensland

A number of energy rebates in Queensland are available for energy customers which include long-term rebates and sudden financial crisis:

    •    Life support rebate

    •    Electricity and gas rebate

    •    Medical heating and cooling

    •    Home energy emergency assistance scheme


Energy rebates in South Australia

As with other states and territories, there are also multiple concessions and energy rebates offered by the South Australian government for their residents, particularly those who need assistance in paying their energy bills:

    •    Energy bill concessions

    •    Medical heating and cooling concession

    •    Cost of living concession

    •    Energy concession discount offer through Origin Energy


Energy rebates in Victoria

Whether it’s for gas or electricity, residents of Victoria may be eligible for a number of energy rebates and concessions:

    •    Annual electricity concession 

    •    Life support rebate 

    •    Medical cooling concession

    •    Winter gas concession 

    •    2021-2022 Power saving bonus


Energy rebates in Tasmania

There are four types of concessions and energy rebates available for customers who need help in paying their bills in Tasmania:

    •    Annual electricity concession 

    •    Heating allowance

    •    Life support concession

    •    Medical heating or cooling concession


Energy rebates in Western Australia

A number of energy concessions, rebates, and schemes are available for residents in Western Australia with concession, pension, or health cards. There are also household bills or home appliance concessions residents may be eligible for:

    •    Energy Assistance Payment (EAP) 

    •    Energy concession extension scheme

    •    Hardship Utility Grant Scheme (HUGS grant—available for Western Australians who are unable to pay their utility bills due to financial difficulties)

    •    Dependent child rebate for electricity

    •    Cost of living rebate

    •    Thermoregulatory dysfunction energy subsidy scheme

    •    Life support equipment electricity subsidy scheme

    •    Air conditioning rebate


Energy rebates in the Northern Territory

For those in the Northern Territory, there are two schemes available that include energy concessions:

    •    NT concession scheme (helps assist with the cost of living)

    •    NT senior’s recognition scheme (helps residents pay for utilities and the cost of living)

Aside from these two schemes, there are also other available energy concessions in the Northern Territory for all types of electricity generation.


Energy concessions in the NT

    •    Jacana Energy and power and water customers

    •    Prepaid electricity meters

    •    Solar electricity

    •    Caravan park residents

    •    Alternative energy (off-grid, including diesel fuel, unleaded fuel, LP gas, kerosene and deep cycle batteries for solar systems)


Through these energy concessions, consumers may be entitled to $1.274 per day and $0.091 per kWh used, or a maximum of $1,200 worth of prepaid electricity meter tokens. On the other hand, residents who use off-grid electricity may receive a concession of $1.275 per day.


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At times of financial hardships, you can make the most of energy rebates available in your state or territory, so you can be assisted in covering the cost of your energy bill. If you aren’t aware of the available concessions or energy rebates that you may be eligible for, contact your energy provider to know the programs or plans that can help you. 


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