In Australia, where energy doesn’t have a standard price in most states, consumers are left with several options. Fortunately, this means you have the choice to find and change energy providers if you are no longer satisfied with the services you’re receiving. Finding the best energy provider can feel like a challenge though, especially if you want to get the best deals.

This article shares some useful tips to help when you’re switching energy providers.  

Reasons to switch energy retailers

    •   Get better deals—The energy deals offered by energy providers often change. You might have been offered a great deal years ago, but as time passes, there may already be a better offer from another energy retailer, especially with regulatory changes in recent years.

    •   Save money— A new plan could come with greater savings. There are energy retailers with offers that can help you save more.

    •   Support sustainability—An important factor to take into consideration is how an energy provider generates power. With the availability of green and renewable energy, you might want to reconsider and switch to more sustainable options.

People living in the following areas are free to switch to a new energy retailer

    •   ACT

    •   NSW

    •   SE QLD

    •   SA

    •   Vic

Steps to switch energy providers in Australia

Ask for better deals

A good energy broker can often get you a better deal, even with your existing provider. Check with them to know if your existing retailer has other offers, discounts, or incentives to know if it’s still worth making the switch.

Importantly, it makes sense to be cautious of discounts, as they may come with higher initial charges or conditions that may cost you more in the long run. An energy broker can let you know the bottom-line and unlike other industries, an energy broker often provide their services free of charge to the consumer.

Compare benefits

There are many energy providers in Australia and when switching to another, you should make sure that you will get the right benefits for you. To ensure that you will make the right decision:

    •   Refer to copies of your last few bills, assess based on your energy consumption and the amount you pay.

    •   Learn about their billing options and payment methods to know if they suit your preferences.

    •   Check other fees.

Check the whole plan

The best energy plan should be based on personal preferences and circumstances – it’s not always just based on getting the cheapest rates.  Plans vary depending on where you live, your energy consumption, and the energy providers that can serve your area.

Here are some of the points that you should look into:

    •   Fees and charges: Check for fixed costs, service fees, and late payment fees.

    •   Discounts: Take advantage of introductory offers or benefits that you may be entitled to when payments are made by the due date.

    •   Billing: Know when you can expect your bills to arrive. You should also know what payment methods they accept, in order to be informed on your options. This way your payments won’t interfere with your personal circumstances.

    •   Length of contract: You should be informed about how long your contract with an energy provider will be. This should give you an overview of whether you’ll be locked in or if you have the option to exit anytime.

Finalise your decision

Before taking up a plan with a new energy provider, make sure that you are getting the best deal. In case you change your mind after signing, you can still cancel without any charge if cancellation is made within 10 working days from the day after receiving your welcome pack.

Make a clean exit

After choosing a new energy retailer, it is important to make a clean exit with your old provider. Make sure that your final bill is paid off including any outstanding balances. Remember, you may not be able to make the switch if you have a high outstanding debt with your current provider.


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You deserve to make the most of the service that you get from your energy retailer. Be sure to shop around to find the best energy providers in Australia in order to save on costs and get added benefits.

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