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Post on June 16th, 2015

Queensland is home to the third-largest electricity market in Australia, next to New South Wales and Victoria. The state provides electricity to 1.6 million residents and 200,000 businesses. The two electricity distributors in Queensland are Energex, covering Southeast Queensland, and Ergon Energy, covering rural and regional Queensland.

The Queensland electricity market now operates under Full Retail Competition as of July 2007. Since that time, customers have been able to freely choose their electricity provider based on price and rate packages.

In Southeast Queensland, there is a very active electricity market with thriving competition to offer customers multiple choices. However, rural residents within the Ergon Energy network still do not have choices in other electricity retailers since no other company currently sells in this area.

10 Electricity Suppliers in Queensland and Brisbane

Electricity suppliers retail electricity from electricity distributors to homes and businesses. These retailers don’t always own the wires and poles, but they purchase electricity from distributors and sell it to the customer.

When retail competition was first introduced to Queensland, customers were allotted a “default retailer”, either AGL or Origin Energy. Because of this, many customers today still do not realize that they can choose their energy retailer. Having this power of choice enables a customer to potentially save large sums of money on electricity per year by choosing the right supplier.

There are currently 10 different electricity suppliers in Queensland and Brisbane:

  1. AGL
  2. Australian Power & Gas
  3. Click Energy
  4. Dodo Power & Gas
  5. Energy Australia
  6. Integral Energy
  7. Lumo Energy
  8. Origin Energy
  9. Powerdirect
  10. TRUenergy

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