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Post on June 16th, 2015

How You Too Could Get Cheaper Electricity Rates in NSW and Sydney

The NSW electricity market is Australia’s largest electricity market. Since the controversial privatization that resulted in the sale of government electricity retailers to Origin and Tru Energy, the competition has gotten fierce.

In the short span of six months, new electricity suppliers have entered the market, giving consumers the choice between seven different electricity suppliers. As the competition has heated up, the discounts that may be available to you here have become bigger and bigger!

NSW was deregulated in 2002, opening up the market to competition. In 2010, it was finally fully privatised. Now there are three distribution zones. A distribution zone is a geographic area within which a particular company owns the poles and wires, reads your meters, and supplies your power.

3 Distribution Zones in NSW

  1. AusGrid (Formerly Energy Australia)
  2. Endeavour Energy (Formerly Integral Energy)
  3. Essential Energy (Formerly Country Energy)

To get cheaper electricity rates, you must first determine which area you are in. This will indicate which electricity tariff you have. The easiest way to accomplish this is to call an energy broker or your local retailer.

Once you have established your energy tariff, you must then start comparing electricity charges.

Since the NSW and Sydney market was privatised, energy suppliers are able to charge you any kilowatt rate that they choose. This is why it is important to compare both usage rates (measured in c/kWh) and supply charge rates.

Guide for Cheaper Electricity Rates in NSW and Sydney

Compare apples to apples. When speaking to energy suppliers, ask them if their discount comes off of the total bill or just the rates.

  • Ensure that energy suppliers provide you with GST exclusive and discount exclusive kilowatt rates. This will help you to do an accurate comparison to what is on the back of your bill.
  • Ask if a discount applies only when you pay on time or if it is a flat discount. Be prepared – with high discounts, there is usually a catch (e.g. you must pay by direct debit, for example).
  • Find out if the electricity supplier provides rate protection, or if they are able to increase rates at any time. Also, determine if the electricity provider will match or beat other offers during your agreement.

The Fastest Way to Better Rates in NSW

The easiest way to save time and headaches and to get all the information you need is to call an energy broker like ElectricityWizard. We will work hard to find for you a better deal that meets your needs. We will ensure that you receive only accurate information about which of our preferred suppliers is right for you, only if they are a better option for you. More importantly, you’ll speak directly to a person who will answer all of your most pressing questions. It only takes five minutes and you could get better energy rates.

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