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Post on June 13th, 2015

It can be frustrating to waste money on expensive electricity prices each quarter. The good news is that when you use our easy, convenient, and free electricity comparison service, you may be able to easily take advantage of lower prices from a cheaper electricity retailer near you. Our purpose of being is to find you the best electricity rates today!

Looking for a better electricity rate for potential savings on annual energy bills? Simply input your information in the form below or call 1300 557 701 directly to speak to one of our skilled customer service representatives. In less than 5 minutes, we will compare apples to apples to help you find you a cheaper electricity rate that you can take advantage of today!

Saving money on energy has never been this easy…

Cheaper Electricity Starts with Conserving Energy at Home

Once ElectricityWizard has done the hard work for you in helping you secure the a better electricity rate in your area, it helps to work together as a family to conserve energy at home. According to leading energy retailer Red Energy, there are countless changes that you can make around the house to improve energy efficiency and reduce your power bills dramatically each year, starting with:

Bedrooms: Use a hot water bottle for heating on a cold night. Consider placing an extra blanket on the bed instead of plugging in an electric blanket to stay warm.

Bathrooms: Change your standard shower head to a more energy-efficient model with AAA ratings. When showering, try to leave the windows open to prevent condensation from forming since dry air is easier and faster to heat.

Living Rooms: Take advantage of the warm sunshine by opening the curtains during the day; close curtains at night to keep the heat in. When using a space heater, keep it away from windows so that hot air doesn’t escape outside. When fireplaces aren’t in use, block them off completely to keep warm air in and cold air out. Throughout the winter months, make it a practice to close off rooms that aren’t in use to save on household heating costs considerably.

Kitchen: When washing dishes, only run a full dishwasher on the economy cycle. If your dishwasher has the capability to generate hot water, use this function instead of wastefully running hot water from your hot water tank. Finally, keep oven doors closed when baking – every time you open the oven, it drops the temperature by up to 15°C!

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