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Post on June 13th, 2015

Customers who use ElectricityWizard have one important thing in common: They are looking to save a bundle on annual energy by reducing the power prices they pay on switching their electricity provider!

The good news is that our service is absolutely free and available at no obligation to you. You can call ElectricityWizard directly at 1300 359 779 or fill out the form below to take advantage of any cheaper rates available in your area from our large network of preferred suppliers. All this can be achieved in a matter of minutes.

Our friendly customer service staff will be happy to walk you step-by-step through the process by comparing apples to apples. We are here to help you choose a better retailer to meet your household needs. We will compare payment plans, rates, green options, credits, and much more to give you the electricity deal that you have been looking for!

Customers Can Switch Their Electricity Provider to Help Fight Rising Prices

Energy customers in each state continue to ask the question, “Why?” when it comes to outrageous electricity prices that are only expected to increase year after year. It’s for this primary reason that customers continue to rely on the use of an electricity comparison to ensure that they are paying from amongst the most competitive prices available from energy retailers in their area.

To answer the big question of why electricity prices are on the rise, we can look to an April 2011 report published by the New South Wales Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal, which indicated that rising network costs may be to blame for higher prices on quarterly electricity bills.

This IPART report also confirmed that an average price increase of 18% for 2011/2012 was related to:

  • Federal Labours Renewable Energy Target at 34%
  • Miscellaneous electricity generation costs at 5.5%
  • Additional costs for poles and wires at 55%
  • Increases in retail prices for marketing, metering, and billing at 5.5%

Customers that are already feeling the pinch in their electricity payments for the year may be shocked to find that energy prices are anticipated to rise by another 16.4% on average in New South Wales in 2012/13. New South Wales customers can attribute this retail price increase to what is known as a “secret” $39 charge for all customers to encourage retail competition.

So there you have it. Millions of Australians could switch their electricity provider to ensure that they are paying more affordable rates on their energy bills. When you take into consideration that even the NSW government is encouraging healthy retail competition, customers make a wise decision when they take the 5 minutes for an electricity comparison. We want to help you reduce the power prices you pay each year!

Compare Rates Quickly and Accurately!

ElectricityWizard has a free call back service that will advise you if there is a better electricity plan released at any time by one of our preferred partners. This service will keep you constantly updated with better rates and discounts in your area so that you never have to worry about wasting money on your electricity bill.

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