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Retail Electricity Rates

Post on June 13th, 2015

Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of incredible savings off their electricity and gas bills each year? When you use our quick, free, and easy electricity comparison service, we will do the hard work for you to help you find out if cheaper retail electricity rates are available to you in your area today.

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When you compare and switch today, it is possible for you to secure cheaper retail electricity rates to reduce expensive power prices not just this year, but every year!

Cheaper Retail Electricity Rates: You Could Secure Savings in Less Than 5 Minutes

According to the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism in the Australian Government, household electricity prices have risen a whopping 40% from 2007 to 2010 alone, including adjustments for inflation. Even worse, price increases aren’t expected to stop any time soon.

When you take into account rising gas prices, the need for newer, more expensive power plants, and the implementation of the Federal Carbon Price, it is becoming more and more costly for leading electricity retailers to meet peak demand for electricity in each state.

Historically, electricity prices throughout Australia have been relatively stable. Years ago, Australia was home to some of the cheapest electricity prices in the world.

But as of 2007 and 2008, retail electricity rates spiked dramatically. Drought conditions throughout Australia continued to drive up wholesale electricity rates because of constraints placed on power station cooling operations and hydro-electric generation capacity.

The latest development in expensive electricity prices is directly related to increasing network charges that continue to make wholesale electricity more expensive for residential homes and small businesses. Today, there is an urgent need to replace outdated, rundown electricity networks, reflected in higher prices on household electricity bills throughout Australia.

The government confirms that we can expect similar price increases within the next three years. If you want to counteract expensive electricity prices and save your hard-earned money, you could do so with ease using our simple electricity comparison service to get the job done.

In spite of rising electricity prices, we will do the hard work for you to find for you a more affordable electricity retailer near you in less than 5 minutes. This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of potential savings to reduce annual energy bills by a bundle each year!

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