You Could Reduce Electricity Costs in South Australia: Find Out the Benefits of Energy Conservation

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Electricity Costs South Australia

Post on June 13th, 2015

Today, more Australians than ever before are researching how to conserve energy at home to save money on their monthly power bills. The reason? Electricity costs in South Australia are higher than they have ever been to date, increasing by as much as 40% in some areas.

Compared to other countries like Japan, Canada, the European Union, and the US, Australia has the highest electricity prices by far. Many electricity retailers explain that the rising cost of electricity is due to deregulation and the need for structural changes to deal with the growing demand for electricity throughout the country.

For South Australians, the average electricity price for 2011/2012 was as much as $.25 per kilowatt hour, in some cases. This boils down to as much as 194% more than many Canadians pay for their electricity.

Energy Conservation Benefits to Save on Your Monthly Power Bill

To give you a clearer picture, here are several important reasons to conserve energy around the house so that you can benefit by saving money on electricity on a day-to-day basis:

  1. Potentially Save a Bundle: One of the biggest and most attractive benefits of energy conservation around the house is that you will save on your monthly power bill. You can also potentially save a bundle each year on your energy bills by using an accurate electricity comparison service like ElectricityWizard. ElectricityWizard will help you to compare the cheapest electricity retailers near you so that you can get more affordable rates for your household.
  2. Positive Environmental Impact: While you are saving on your monthly power bill, you will also be benefiting the environment by using less electricity. Most electricity is sourced from fossil fuel energy, including coal, natural gas, and oil. Since these natural fuel resources are found in the earth, most require extensive mining and drilling in order to source them, which increases the risk of environmental contamination.
  3. Improve Your Health: Yes, conserving energy around the house can benefit the health of you and your family! If you use your television less, you can encourage your family to go outside and stay active to maintain a healthy weight. You can also reduce computer time so that your children can focus on schoolwork and creative ways to play together without using video or computer games for entertainment.

Get a Better Deal on Your Electricity Bills

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