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Electricity Cost Comparison By State

Post on June 13th, 2015

Regardless of the state that you live in, you may have the opportunity to save big on increasing electricity prices by using an electricity cost comparison by state. At the very least, electricity prices are expected to rise by 37% throughout the nation by 2014, due to several important factors.

In New South Wales, the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal made a recommendation to the state government that electricity prices should increase by up to 18.1% in 2011. This means that residents in the state of New South Wales are now responsible for paying up to $315 more in annual electricity costs per household. Small business owners are also expected to pay up to $528 more each year.

Now that the shocking price increases have taken effect, consumers throughout the state are feeling the squeeze. More consumers than ever before are looking for unique ways to cut back on their daily electricity usage so that they can reduce the ever-increasing cost of their monthly power bills.

Electricity Cost Comparison by State

Each state in Australia can expect significant price increases on monthly power bills if homeowners do not compare electricity retailers and by using the service locate any cheaper electricity prices available. As of 2010, electricity prices have risen by the following percentages in each state, according to the Queensland Government: Mining and Safety:

  • Queensland: 35.8%
  • New South Wales: 40.2%
  • Northern Territory: 27.3%
  • Western Australia: 26.5%
  • Tasmania: 29.2%
  • Southern Australia: 25.2%
  • Australian Capital Territory: 33%

How to Cut Down on Expensive Monthly Power Bills: Where to Begin

One of the most popular ways to reduce electricity prices in each state is to begin with the use of an electricity cost comparison by state. This type of comparison service will allow consumers to compare the prices of several electricity retailers to help find the company that charges the least amount of money per kilowatt hour used.

Other ways to conserve and potentially save on power bills each month include:

  • Using the majority of electricity in cheaper off-peak periods.
  • Cutting back on overall electricity usage.
  • Using solar power systems to save energy and reduce greenhouse emissions.

The bottom line is that rising electricity prices in Australia are having a serious impact on the cost of living and business economy in the nation. It’s natural for most consumers to be concerned and overwhelmed about this issue. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to take matters into your own hands to compare leading electricity retailers near you. With us you should be able to locate and choose cheaper electricity prices available.

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