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Switching electricity providers in NSW


Switching electricity providers in NSW, Queensland, Victoria, or any other part of Australia is easy. It is an option that you should consider if you want to make the most of your energy plan; however, there are some common misconceptions surrounding this step and you might find yourself hesitant to switch.

To help you understand what goes behind the process of switching electricity providers in Australia, this article outlines some of the myths you need to know.


Myths about switching electricity providers in NSW


Myths about switching electricity providers in NSW


FALSE: You can’t switch energy providers while still under contract. 

Contracts are binding and you must abide by their clauses to avoid penalties. However, despite the agreement, consumers that are under contract with electricity providers in NSW still have options. If you are not satisfied with your electricity provider, you may pay exit fees to be able to switch without worries. While this may seem like an extra expense, it will spare you from problems with your current electricity provider. It is also possible that you could save on energy bills with your new energy company, which could outweigh the exit fees associated with leaving in the first place.


FALSE: When you switch, your electricity will be disconnected.

If you have decided to switch electricity providers, your electricity will remain connected. Its power will not be turned off at any point. The process is very simple and seamless and you will not experience any interruptions to your energy supply. You can continue using electricity without a problem.


FALSE: A lot of energy suppliers can’t be trusted.

Under the law, all electricity providers must abide by the guidelines and regulations set by the state’s public utility commission – no energy company is exempt from that. Any energy supplier that committed unlawful behaviour or breached laws that involve pricing, contracts, and other regulations related to switching electricity providers will either be penalised or be prohibited from continuing their operations.


FALSE: You cannot switch plans if you are renting.

Renters whose names appear on the account and are the ones who pay the bills have the option to switch their electricity provider. Just because you are renting, does not mean that you have to stick with the energy provider chosen by the property owner. You can search for better deals if you are no longer satisfied with your current provider.

However, there are scenarios when switching electricity providers won’t be allowed:

      •   It is stated in the rental agreement that switching energy providers is prohibited

      •   If the house you’re renting is a part of an embedded network which means that there is only one electricity supplier in all properties within your premise.

To ensure that you will not be tied to a certain electricity provider, read the rental agreement carefully before signing.


FALSE: It’s difficult to switch electric companies.

The truth is, the actual switch involves a simple and quick process. Switching electricity providers can be done in a matter of minutes. What usually takes time is the hunt for the electricity provider that best meets your specifications. Consumers usually research companies and compare them with other electricity providers. When you have finally identified the right energy retailer for you, the process is already quick and easy. Your new electricity provider will also do their part by getting in touch with your previous provider and handling the exit process.


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