Switching Electricity Providers in Melbourne


What to Expect When Switching Electricity Providers in Melbourne


Despite the abundance of old school and modern energy resources in Australia, 86% of the country’s population pay some of the highest residential electricity bills in the world. The rising cost of energy has an impact on one’s quality of life. Given the opportunity, a consumer has every reason to make the most of their energy expenses. One way to do this is by carefully choosing electricity providers in Melbourne and other territories in Australia.


While some people already look into the option of switching electricity providers, some are hesitant to make the move since they are clueless about what can be expected from the change. Are you one of them? This article is for you.


Switching Electricity Providers: What to Expect


Switching Electricity Providers: What to Expect


Simple processing

When you switch electricity providers, your new provider will be the one to notify your old electricity company on your behalf. Although the switch will not happen on the date you sign up, you can expect it to be reflected on your next meter read which may take a few days to 3 months.


No interruption

When you switch electricity providers, you can expect to undergo a hassle-free process that won’t cause interruption to your gas or electricity supply. It is a simple procedure that won’t require rewiring or plumbing works on your premises. The procedure will be different though for those who’ll install new solar panels or change meters.

Case to case fees or charges

For those who want to switch electricity providers for the first time, you might be on an open contact and there’s a huge chance that there wouldn’t be accompanying costs to change providers

On the other hand, those who are on fixed-term electricity contracts will need to pay your current provider exit or termination fees if the switch will happen before the term ends.

In the case of people who are moving house, a connection fee may be required upon sign up but this is usually charged as an add on to your initial billing.


Bigger savings

When you compare plans and switch to a new electricity provider, you can expect greater savings. Usually, better deals are offered to new customers. In addition to that is the availability of new pricing and plans that you might have already missed while with your old provider. Just make sure to choose the most competitive energy plans out there to save more!




Renewable energy option

Renewable energy was responsible for 27.7% of Australia’s total electricity generation in 2020. The country targets to source 100% of its energy from renewable sources. If you’ll switch electricity providers now, you’ll be presented with this option. Consider this alternative energy source as it comes with benefits for you and the environment at the same time. There are also lots of reputable energy providers that already offer this option.


Cheapest alternatives

You may not be able to easily identify the cheapest electricity provider but you can tell the cheapest electricity plan that is right for you. There are factors that affect how your electricity bill will be calculated including:

      •   Actual usage

The amount you’ll be charged for every kWh of electricity you use. You can expect lower electricity bills if you’d use less power and with some energy-saving efforts.

      •   Electricity meter

When you switch to a new electricity provider, you may be offered a smart meter which is an advanced digital device used to measure and record your electricity usage in regular intervals of at least half an hour.

      •   Electricity plan

With a new electricity provider, you should also expect to have a new electricity plan which may also come with discounts or rewards that will be applied to your bill and reduce your costs.


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There are many valid reasons to switch electricity providers. Price, new deals, type of energy generation, and customer service are among the key factors that are usually considered. The good thing is, it is easy to switch electricity providers and in most cases, the change brings advantages for the consumers.


Ready to switch electricity providers in Melbourne? Make sure to compare energy providers and plans. Electricity Wizard offers a fast and hassle-free process so you can compare your options and find the best energy deals that are suited for you.

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