Moving to Brisbane? While finding a new home in this part of Australia may excite you, it’s also important to make sure that you have a good energy plan in place as soon as you move in. If you’re in search of electricity providers in Brisbane, here’s an article that shares the basic steps to help you make it a simple process.


Basic steps to disconnect and connect with electricity providers in Brisbane before your move


While searching for energy providers in Brisbane is an essential part of your move, there are other steps that you need to take and they mainly involve the disconnection and reconnection of your energy plan. First, you have to organise the disconnection of the end energy at your old property. Second, you have to find an energy provider that can supply the energy requirements in your new home.


Steps to disconnect from your old energy provider


1. Inform your energy provider about your plans to move.

Energy providers don’t just handle the connection of your electricity or gas. They are also the ones in charge of disconnecting them when you are already moving out of your place.

Call your current energy provider in advance so they can schedule the disconnection of electricity, and even gas, a day after you move out. Doing this will keep you from paying energy bills once you’re already settled in your new home.


2. Give your energy provider ample time.

The process may take more time, so don’t let your energy provider be caught by surprise. A week’s notice before you move should be enough; however, there are situations where more time will be needed, so it would be best to inform them about your plans as soon as you can.


3. Settle fees.

Know the fees that you may need to settle when terminating your energy plan. Some may charge an early termination fee on your contract, especially if you will switch to another energy provider in Brisbane.


Steps to connect with a new energy provider for your new home


1. Do your research.

When moving to a new home, you don’t have to use the same provider. There are a lot of energy providers in Brisbane who can offer you better energy plans and more value for your money. Some features may also be available to offer you greater convenience. You can use an energy comparison tool to assess your options as well. When making the choice, consider those with low connection fees and no exit fees.


2. Inform your new energy provider about your scheduled move.

Once you have chosen your energy provider in Brisbane, you also have to inform them about your plans to move into your new home. This is an important step to ensure that there is already a power in your home once you move in. 

NOTE: In case of urgent power connections, choose an energy provider who can offer you the support you need without keeping you waiting.


3. Inspect Meters

Safe and clear access to your energy meter/s is important. You should also check out your meter readings from your old home to get baseline data of your average consumption and to know if you’ll be charged the correct amount. Of course, this will apply if your appliances are just the same in your old and new home.


TIP: Choose appliances with a low carbon footprint for your new home. This will help save the planet and even help you save more too!


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By finding the best energy providers in Brisbane, you will have fewer worries about your energy bills and maintenance needs. Do your research and compare your options. It will only take a little time to identify the best energy deals that are available for you.


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