Spare Your Business from Increasing Energy Prices


How to Spare Your Business from Increasing Energy Prices


According to, small businesses in Australia spend more than $60 billion a year on energy and a huge part of that is used in the form of electricity. The cost of business electricity is high. In addition to that, there are often changes in market factors, such as inflation and energy crisis’ that can contribute to unexpected increases.

This data supports the fact that one of the most important priorities of small business owners is to do away with high energy costs as much as possible. Fortunately, along with the things that you may not be able to control are the steps that you can also take to manage the cost of business electricity. Read on to learn some of the tips that can reduce the burden of energy costs to your business.


How to cut energy costs for your business


How to cut energy costs for your business


Determine your baseline energy consumption. 

It is essential to know how energy is consumed in the workplace so that you can also create a clear plan on how you can reduce energy use. You’ll need to conduct an energy audit to determine your baseline energy consumption.

Energy audits may be offered for free by electricity companies. With their help, a professional audit can be performed in your workplace. This will include checks for air leaks, an inspection of the insulation, and recommendations on how to make your business more energy-efficient. Don’t hesitate to enquire about an energy audit from your electricity provider as they can help manage your energy usage.


Manage your work hours based on peak demand.

A simple but effective way to reduce energy costs is by managing your “work hours” so that you can reduce your peak demand. This may be achieved through the implementation of staggered work hours and scheduled use of heavy equipment. Peak Demand refers to the hours per day when energy use is at its highest. To save on energy, it would be best to schedule heavy use of electricity in the evening or early in the morning when energy demand is not yet at its peak.


Invest in energy-efficient equipment.

Energy-efficient office equipment may have a high upfront cost, but it can reward you in the long run. Appliances with EnergyStar ratings have been evaluated and guaranteed to be energy efficient. By choosing them over ordinary equipment, you can save on operational costs which will show on your energy bills. 


Consider your surroundings.

Factors outside your building can impact your energy use too. If you have control over your surroundings, you should look into opportunities to align your business premises with the energy-efficient measures that you are taking. For instance, consider planting trees to provide shade during summer or on hot days. You can also take advantage of natural light in areas where it is available so that the use of lighting will be minimised. Simple, strategic modifications on your landscaping won’t just provide aesthetic improvements, but they will also help reduce your heating and cooling costs too.


Encourage employee participation.

To get the most out of your efforts, your employees should also participate and commit to the energy-efficient practices that you implement. Inspire them by being a good example that will encourage them to imitate. Educate them about the importance of energy efficiency and why it matters for your business. You also have to make sure that the guidelines you’ve set are clear for them to follow without confusion.


Compare energy providers.

Not all business owners will take time to compare business energy rates and plans, especially if they’ve been with their provider for some time; however, this is a crucial mistake that could prevent you from getting the best deals for your business. Comparing energy providers in Australia is a straightforward process. There are energy brokers and available tools online to provide you with the information you need without taking up too much of your time.


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With recent events in play, energy costs can burden your business so it’s time to take the necessary steps to lower your electricity bill. Competitive energy rates are available in the market and you should not miss out on opportunities to save even when energy prices continue to rise.


Getting the best deals for your business should be a quick and easy process. Electricity Wizard can help you compare electricity providers using a free energy comparison tool that will help you find better energy deals from a selection of reliable business electricity providers in Australia. Visit our website today to know how we can help you.

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