Businesses to Manage Energy Use in Australia


Tips for Businesses to Manage Energy Use in Australia


Many businesses would agree that one of their biggest expenses are energy bills. While it may seem like a challenge, businesses should know how to manage their energy use. Aside from taking the necessary steps to reduce energy costs, there are basic things that can make a big difference on the bottom line.

Energy usage varies from business to business. If energy usage and costs are a problem that you want to address, energy-saving techniques are not the only steps that you need to implement. Here are some of the basic but essential steps to manage energy usage in Australia.


Basic but important tips to manage energy use in Australia


Basic but important tips to manage energy use in Australia


Understand your energy usage

As mentioned, aside from the concrete efforts you take to save on energy, you should also have a clear understanding of your energy usage. To achieve this, there are 3 things that you need to do:

    •   Assess your energy bill

Know your energy bill to be on top of your energy usage. Find out what costs make up your bill and other factors that contribute to overall costs such as the price per unit, time of use, type of contract you’re on, and the state and territory where you live.

When you understand your energy bill, you can identify errors. In such a case, you should verify with your electricity provider in Australia so they can review your energy bill.

    •   Conduct energy audits

An energy audit will help you get a complete picture of your energy usage. This can be done in-house or with the help of energy experts. Through an audit, you will be able to identify your energy consumption patterns for the past 12 months. Your energy supplier can provide the data you need for an energy audit. There are also cases when a third party will be given the authorisation to access data.

    •   Take advantage of the free energy advisory service

Use the Business Energy Advice Program (BEAP) offered by the Australian government. This program is designed to assist small businesses and provide tailored advice through one-on-one consultations that will further their understanding of energy-saving opportunities and get the right energy plans for their business.


Review your energy contract

Another important step to manage your energy usage is by reviewing your energy contract. This will ensure that your current contract is suited for the type of business or industry you’re in.

There are different types of contracts for a range of businesses based on their sizes and locations. There are also two main energy plans that also offer different contract types.

    •   Standard retail plans cover minimum terms and conditions as set by the law.

    •   Market retail plans also include minimum terms and conditions according to law but allow more flexibility. This type of contract is dependent on market prices which opens the opportunity to save on costs when price changes.


Compare energy providers

One of the things that you should not overlook is the opportunity that you might be missing outside of your current energy plan. If you’ve been with the same energy provider for many years, chances are you are already missing out on the deals and privileges that other electricity providers offer. 

You have a huge selection of energy companies to choose from and along with that are the perks they offer with a plan. Compare your options. This will help you look into opportunities by switching to a new energy provider and avoid paying more than you should.


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There are several factors that affect your energy consumption and you should not miss out on the basic steps that will help manage your energy use. Understand your energy usage, conduct energy audits, and compare energy plans. Whatever industry you belong to, there are specific steps and a range of opportunities that can help reduce energy use in your business. 

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