lower air conditioning bill this summer

How to lower air conditioning bill this summer


Summer in Australia is a fun season. It is usually when many people have the time to explore the outdoors, enjoy the beach, and have some adventure; however, with the scorching heat, this is also the season when your utility bills soar – especially with the increased use of water and electricity. 


One of the most used appliances during summer is your air conditioning system. While it can create the cool environment you want, your air conditioning is also one of the household appliances that consume the most electricity. Should you crank up your air conditioning, or should you just bear the discomfort? Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to beat the heat this summer, without taking a toll on your 



Immediate and long-term solutions to lower your air conditioning bills


Immediate and long-term solutions to lower your air conditioning bills


1. Fix leaky windows

Your air conditioning system works harder when you have leaky windows – windows that leak air out the seams. They let cold air slip out during summer and let warm air out in the winter. These are some of the reasons why your energy bills increase. 

To avoid unnecessary waste of energy, weatherstrip your windows to ensure that they are properly sealed.


2. Replace air filters

Dust will block your air vents and keep your air conditioning system from running smoothly. With blocked vents, your air filters may already be filled with dirt and debris – which may lead to poor air circulation. This could be the reason why your surroundings fail to cool, even when you’ve already cranked up your AC.

Air filters are affordable and easy to replace. Ideally, they should be replaced twice a year or every six months. You may also have to replace them more often if you have kids and pets in your home.


3. Cook outside your home

During summer, you have to find ways to lower the temperature inside your home. One of the factors as to why it goes up is the heat produced in your kitchen. Indoor cooking and scorching heat are not the best things to combine. It is a foolproof recipe for discomfort and energy inefficiency.

Summer is the best time for barbecues. Use your grill as much as possible, as this will keep the temperature in your home low. Other alternatives to stove-top cooking are microwaves and crockpots.


4. Stay near the lower ground

There are parts of your home that may be cooler than others. Keep in mind that heat rises and if you want to stay comfortable indoors, you’ll find the rooms near the lower ground your best option. If you can, stay downstairs while the heat is intense. This will help reduce your discomfort and may even increase your thermostat temperature.


5. Stay elsewhere

A simple way to lower the air conditioning bill this summer is to spend less time at home whenever possible. The more you stay indoors, the greater the need for your home to be cooled. You may consider finishing work in a cafe or a coworking space. Spend leisure time away from the television or your usual gadgets at home. After all, summer is best spent exploring the outdoors, by the pool, or getting a tan at the beach.


Long-term solutions


1. Make ceiling fans available

Ceiling fans can improve air circulation and help cool your home. It would be best to install ceiling fans in different areas of your home as this will help reduce the work of your air conditioning system and will lead to lower energy bills.


2. Install energy-efficient windows

Invest in energy-efficient windows and reap their benefits in the long run. These windows help keep heat out during summer and retain heat during winter. Energy-efficient windows come with different features that will further improve how energy is managed in your home. The best thing about them is that they work year-round in reducing your utility costs.


3. Plant trees around your property

Climate change is a huge problem and its effects will persist for as long as the problem is there. Planting a tree will provide the shade that will keep you from relying solely on your air conditioning system to maintain a cooler environment. Trees may not grow right away, but it is an investment that will go appreciated from one generation to another. Just ensure that trees are planted away from your home’s foundation and septic tank drainage to avoid structural problems.


4. Insulate

Just as you need to upgrade your windows, you should also insulate your walls and attics; air can also leak if your insulation is poor. This will cause discomfort and may lead to increased use of energy and higher utility bills.


5. Go solar

There are already a growing number of households in Australia that install solar panels on their roofs to generate electricity. This is another investment that will benefit you in the long run, in the form of lower energy bills. Moreover, it is a sustainable measure that is now being supported by many.


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With the effects of climate change being inevitable, you may find yourself needing to use your air conditioning system more often to stay comfortable. One of the positives is that there are steps to lower air conditioning bills that you can take to keep your utility costs low. Save money through these actionable steps that will help you make the most of the summer months.

Good planning, proper energy management, and the right electricity providers in Australia can direct your path towards energy efficiency and lower energy bills. Electricity Wizard can help you find energy providers that can offer additional benefits from your plan. 


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