How to resolve problems with your energy provider in Australia

Let’s face it. Not all relationships are smooth and this goes true for some consumers and energy providers. Although not everyone finds a reason to complain about their energy providers in Australia, it could be the other way around for others. In case you get in a situation where you need to register a complaint, it helps to know the steps that you need to take to come up with a resolution.

Problems you might encounter with your energy provider in Australia

  • Inaccurate energy bill calculation
  • Disruption to electricity or gas supply
  • Sudden price hikes
  • Sudden cut off of energy supply
  • Unauthorised fees or charges
  • Unattended requests
  • Poor customer service


Issues may come in different forms but you may be spared from further inconvenience if you know the steps to resolve problems with your energy provider. To help you, here are the steps that you can take when filing a complaint.

Tips to resolve issues with your energy provider in Australia

Reach out to your energy provider.

Any issue you encounter should be brought to the attention of your provider. They must be informed of your situation. Usually, their contact information can be found on their website or your energy bill.


A good energy provider will do its part in resolving your problem once it proves that your complaint is legitimate. If that’s the case, there will be no need for you to file a formal complaint.

Prepare relevant information.

Relevant information will be asked from you to proceed with your complaint. Your account details must be available when you call customer service. A verification process may be required to be able to proceed further.


It is also ideal to prepare documents and other related information that can support your claims, such as your energy contract and energy bills that are in question. Speaking with a manager or senior officer may be necessary if you fail to find a resolution with the help of a customer service assistant.

Keep copies of interactions.

Relaying your concerns to your energy provider is just part of the process. Make sure that you will take note of your interactions with them. Record the date and time of your conversation with them and the name of the person who assisted you. Usually, a reference number is given and you have to record it as you may need it to follow up or for future use.

Give a reasonable timeframe.

Not all energy providers may be able to address your grievance immediately. Allow a reasonable timeframe for them to get back to you for updates about the status of your complaint. Make them aware that you are expecting a follow-up. 

File a written complaint.

This should be done if they fail to resolve your issue within a reasonable timeframe. A formal written complaint could be sent via post or email. Make sure to keep a copy of the complaint letter for future reference. Once received on their end, you should be able to receive a message from their customer service who will help you in resolving your problem with your energy provider in Australia.

Seek external help.

When all efforts to resolve your issue still fail to work, you may reach out to the energy ombudsman. This external dispute resolution scheme can be used as a free alternative to formal legal processes. Make a complaint with the ombudsman so that they can take the necessary steps to address the issue between you and your energy provider. 


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Problems with an energy provider may come in different forms and severity. Issues that remain unsolved can lead to dissatisfaction, inconveniences, and unexpected costs – especially if they involve energy bills. Fortunately, one good option that you can take to spare yourself from hassles is to look for a reputable energy provider in Australia. Finding one and making the switch is fast and easy, especially with the help of an energy comparison tool that will help you find the best options in your area.


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