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Learn About Health Insurance And Its Benefits

With medical costs going through the roof, paying hospital bills can put a huge dent in your savings. That is why it is recommended to have a health insurance plan for yourself and your family. Health insurance can help with hospital bills without compromising the quality of healthcare you receive. However, not all health insurance products are created equal. Let’s take a look at the different types of health insurance and which one is right for you.

Types Of Health Insurance

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Ambulance Cover

One important component with Private Health Insurance is ambulance coverage. Coverage differs dependant on fund and level of cover.

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Hospital Cover

With so many clinical categories make sure you have the right level of cover for you and your family. It could be the difference between being covered or not.

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Extras Cover

This helps contribute to the expenses incurred for treatment received outside the hospital for instance, dental, optical, physiotherapy, acupuncture, etc.

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Comprehensive Health Cover

Is the most popular cover type that includes hospital cover
and extras cover. Although the insurance cost may fall on the higher side of the price spectrum, it is advised to compare different products to save money while getting your desired cover.

Find The Right Health Insurance Policy For You

Finding and comparing the best health insurance policies can be a daunting task. Most Australian’s don’t know where to start and often buy the first insurance policy they come across.

We do the hard work for you. We offer a complete breakdown of health insurance covers to help you understand what you will get and at what price. We can help you compare great health insurance options across all major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.

How You Can Compare Health Insurance With Us?

We compare various health insurance policies in one place, saving you time and confusion. Depending on the level of care you want in the hospital or types of treatments covered, our experts will give you a compilation of insurance policies to choose from.

Once you have everything in one place, you can draw a detailed comparison and make an informed buying decision in minutes, not hours.

Why Compare Health Insurance With Us?

We go out of our way for you to find and list various health insurance products from multiple providers on our panel. Our website gives you a wide choice and comparison capabilities so that you can get what you are looking for.

We help you save the time and hassle of browsing multiple websites and reading through every insurance policy before making a decision.

Common Questions About Comparing Health Insurance

What Is Private Health Insurance?

Private health insurance can help cover the cost your treatment in the hospital as well as the health care expenses that Medicare doesn’t cover. Depending on the policy you will also have cover for out-of-hospital medical treatments, such as dental, physiotherapy, etc.

How Does Private Health Insurance Work?

Private health insurance can help contribute to your hospital medical treatment. It’s important to make sure you have the right level of cover for the clinical categories you feel at important to you at all points of your life. Your cover should change as often as your needs do.

Private health insurance also gives you the ability to choose your own doctor and avoid any public waiting lists for categories covered by your policy.

Which Health Insurance Is Best In The Market?

While the big 5 health funds account for roughly 78% of the market in Australia, this doesn’t mean they are the best fit for you.

Every individual is different and so are their health insurance requirements. Health.Compare enables you to compare different health insurance policies and choose the one that suits your circumstances and budget.

What Is An Excess In Health Insurance?

Excess is the amount you pay upfront to cover some of the hospitalisation expenses if you ever get hospitalised. The higher the excess, the lower your private health insurance premiums will be. People who are relatively healthy and don’t expect to get hospitalised in the near future can agree to pay a higher excess amount in the event of hospitalisation and thus reduce their regular premiums.

The Excess amount may vary depending on the insurance provider. Considering your health and financial circumstances, you can agree upon a certain Excess amount at the time of buying the insurance policy.

Is Health Insurance Tax-Deductible?

Although health insurance is not tax deductible in Australia, you can receive rebates for your private health insurance. When taking out Private Health Insurance you choose whether or not to claim a rebate from the government. The government rebate is dependent on a number of factors including age and taxable income.

This can be applied to Hospital, Extras or combined products.

How Many Australians Have Health Insurance?

According to a recent report by APRA, 55.2% of Australians have extra cover, and 45.2% have hospital cover. These are the verified figures as of June 2022.

How Much Does Health Insurance Cost?

The private health insurance cost can vary between far extremes; however, the average turns out to be $160 per month per person. Your premiums may go up or down depending on the type of cover you choose or the Excess amount you agree to pay.

How Do I Choose The Best Health Insurance Plan For Me?

The first step is to look into your needs, preferences and financial circumstances. The higher the level of cover for hospital and extras, the higher the monthly cost of the premium. This is entirely dependent on what services you do or don’t need cover for.

On the other hand, you can cut the premium down by removing some categories and services and only pay for the things you will need.


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