Are gas dryers better than electric?


Are gas dryers better than electric? Here’s what you need to know


Clothes dryers basically function the same way whether they’re run by electricity or gas. Dryers use air that has been drawn into the dryer and heated to warm the clothes. The drum in the dryer tumbles the clothes to reduce moisture. The collected moisture is then vented out. What sets electricity and gas dryers apart is the energy used to create heat. The question now is, which is the better choice?

Here’s an article that presents the information you need to know about gas dryers to keep you guided when shopping around.


Facts to know about gas dryers


Facts to know about gas dryers


Upfront Costs

Initially, gas dryers are more expensive as the machine itself is usually more expensive than electric dryers. The components of gas dryers are more costly, which is a factor in why their purchase price is higher; however, you only have to invest in the upfront cost to reap cost-effective benefits that you’ll get to enjoy in the long run.


Operational costs

Gas dryers are cheaper to operate. You can enjoy as much as 50% cheaper operating costs than electric dryers. Unlike electric dryers, gas dryers provide a more efficient heat source. They don’t need to convert electric power into heat which may cause energy loss. Gas dryers eliminate energy loss by instantly turning into heat within the machine.



Aside from cheaper operational costs, gas dryers may also be more environmentally friendly depending on how your power is generated. Surprisingly, gas dryers that source power from fossil fuel power plants can be the ideal option when you want an environmentally friendly dryer. This is due to the fact that when you use a gas dryer, you will be able to dry clothes in around half the time, so your greenhouse emissions will be lower overall.


Drying time

When it comes to the drying times of clothes, gas dryers are the clear winner. It takes time for electric coils to heat up. On the other hand, the gas ignites instantly. They are also able to generate more heat than electric dryers because of the gas burners that heat clothes immediately. Due to faster drying times, you can run more loads in a short period. More loads in less time only equate to savings every time you operate the machine. Aside from that, it will also increase the protection of your gas dryer from wear and tear.



Highly efficient gas dryers are now available to effectively perform their function and still be gentle when drying clothes. Today, there are already gas dryers that come with built-in sensors to prevent over drying clothes. This will also prevent the build-up of static electricity, to ensure that clothes remain soft and mostly wrinkle-free, minimising the need to iron them.


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You have a choice when it comes to powering your home. Electricity and gas are two fuel types that come with pros and cons. When it comes to gas dryers, you can assess the benefits that they can bring compared to electric dryers. You may need to spend extra for the upfront costs but the running costs will guarantee savings in the future.


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