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Compare Electricity Prices Brisbane

Post on June 16th, 2015

When it comes to the future of electricity prices in Brisbane, the outlook isn’t good. Queensland residents could see electricity price increases of up to $122 per year because of the introduction of the Federal Carbon Tax, according to the Queensland Competition Authority.

The QCA recently revealed that they would allow an electricity retail price increase of up to 7.6% in 2012/2013.

For homeowners throughout Queensland, this rise in electricity prices is unavoidable. The first step to take to try and save money is to compare electricity prices in Brisbane to make sure that you are getting cheaper rates on your quarterly electricity bills.

A quick electricity comparison is all it takes, and it is likely you can substantially reduce your annual power bills.

How to Save on Rising Electricity Costs in Brisbane

  • Do an electricity audit. If you want to take action as a homeowner in Brisbane to save on rising electricity costs throughout Queensland, it’s time to do an audit of all electricity used throughout your house. This audit alone may be eye-opening as you find that old appliances, improperly insulated windows and doors, and appliances left on standby mode are costing you hundreds of dollars more per year than necessary. To perform this electricity audit, you can check insulation levels, light bulb efficiency, and especially filters in your cooling and heating units to ensure that energy isn’t being wasted day to day.
  • Weatherproof your windows and doors. Installing new weather-stripping on windows and doors is one of the quickest ways to reduce your electricity bill. If you are letting outside air into your home through cracks in the windows and doors, it will cause your cooling or heating unit to work harder to compensate. If you feel like you are constantly running your air conditioner to keep your home cool in the warmer months, installing new weather-stripping could be exactly what you need to regulate temperature in your home at a much cheaper price.
  • Replace your light bulbs. The type of lighting that you use in your home does make a difference in how much you pay on your electricity bill. If you replace standard light bulbs with bulbs at a lower wattage, you will automatically save on electricity by reducing the intensity of light used in your home. Switching from a 60 to a 30 W light bulb will use half the electricity and reduce your electricity costs accordingly.

Get a Better Deal on Your Electricity Bills

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