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Post on June 15th, 2015

Business and residential customers could save hundreds of dollars a year on energy by comparing power companies in Queensland. ElectricityWizard offers our free, accurate service that has been used by more than 165,000 Australians coast-to-coast!

You can compare and potentially save now by filling out the form below or calling us at 1300 359 779. We will help you to compare apples to apples to choose a better energy deal to meet your needs based on payment plans, energy rates, terms and conditions, green options, special discounts, and much more.

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Switch Power Companies in QLD for Possibly Much Cheaper Energy Rates

More and more customers are taking the time to compare and switch power companies in Queensland for one simple reason: electricity prices are on the rise. When you add to that a nationwide increase in cost of living, it becomes more and more unaffordable to pay for basic utilities.

On average, power companies in QLD have increased rates up to $24.05 per kilowatt hour for peak electricity. This is partially related to the introduction of the federal carbon price in 2012, as well as additional costs needed to renovate outdated electricity infrastructures to support growing energy demand.

Queensland energy rates are moderately priced in comparison to other states like South Australia at 32.81 cents per kilowatt hour, Victoria at 30.36 cents per kilowatt hour, and New South Wales at 30.05 cents per kilowatt hour.

Nonetheless, Queensland has some of the most expensive rates for natural gas at 4.8 cents per MJ compared to 3.47 cents in South Australia, 3.54 cents in New South Wales, and 1.83 cents in Victoria.

To put it in greater perspective for the average homeowner in Queensland, the estimated number of heating days required in the winter in the state totals at 65. Fortunately, this number is significantly lower than most other states, like Victoria at 92 days, South Australia at 92 days, and New South Wales at 85 days.

While Queensland households may pay less for annual heating, it’s still critical to start out with an energy comparison to keep electricity costs as low as possible year-round. Residential and business customers can take a few minutes to compare power companies in Queensland to make the switch for potential savings that will make you smile.

The only way for energy customers to counteract rising electricity prices is to take matters into their own hands. Start out with a quick, easy, and absolutely free electricity comparison available at no obligation to you. You may be able to save a lot of money every year!

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