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Post on June 15th, 2015

ElectricityWizard is proud to provide our free service for residential and business energy customers. We will help you to compare apples to apples to take advantage of any cheaper rates available from leading power companies in Adelaide in a matter of minutes.

Saving money on electricity has never been so easy! In just just minutes, you can compare top power companies in Adelaide from our preferred supplier network to make the switch to reduce electricity bills.

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Compare and Switch Power Companies in Adelaide for Possibly Dramatically Cheaper Energy Rates

Across Australia, one thing has become crystal clear: electricity prices are on the rise without any sign of stopping. Consumer representatives countrywide have voiced their concern and have begun to demand fair energy prices in order to stop price gouging in the energy marketplace.

Consumer groups joined with the Australian Energy Regulator and a number of big businesses to call for reform in the electricity market. Given the fact that electricity network charges make up 40% of household energy bills, marketplace reform is vital in order to break a vicious cycle. Otherwise, energy prices will only continue to rise year after year, making utilities virtually unaffordable for most households.

In addition to expenses incurred by the new federal carbon price in 2012, a number of energy networks continue to invest funds in updating electricity infrastructures. Energy networks believe that it is necessary to update aging infrastructures in order to maintain nationwide electricity supply; the catch is that customers pay ever-increasing electricity rates each year.

Unfortunately, this turn of events has created a monopoly in the electricity marketplace. Healthy competition is necessary to relieve pressure on electricity prices and allow for energy rate decreases. As a result, a number of customers are supporting the AER and advocating for more power for the organisation to provide household and business energy customers with better rates.

Instead of allowing energy networks to profit by building new infrastructures, cheaper alternatives should be explored to benefit the average customer.

If you’re frustrated by paying too much for annual utilities, you can start out with a quick electricity comparison today. ElectricityWizard will provide you with a price quote in minutes to compare power companies in Adelaide with substantial potential savings. Call us to compare and make the switch!

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