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If you feel like quarterly electricity bills are getting more and more expensive, it’s definitely not your imagination. Both residential and business energy customers alike are feeling the strain as electricity prices rise throughout the nation.

The only way to guarantee that you’re paying amongst the most affordable rates on the market is to use a quick, easy electricity comparison to possibly switch to the cheapest power company near you.

ElectricityWizard will be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation energy comparison in a matter of minutes. Customers can save large on annual power bills by making the switch on finding a retailer and a plan that suits them better! Call us directly at 1300 359 779 or fill out the form below for more information. We look forward to speaking with you!

Looking for the Cheapest Power Company? Compare Electricity Retailers to Possibly Save Big on Energy

One of the best ways to save money on costly power bills is by starting with a quick electricity comparison. The truth is that electricity prices are on the rise all over the nation with no sign of relief in sight. Customers can take matters into their own hands by comparing apples to apples to perhaps choose the cheapest power company available in their area.

According to the Energy Networks Association of Australia, energy prices are on the rise because of a growing demand for electricity during peak consumption periods. This is coupled with extra expenses incurred to replace aging electricity infrastructures, as well as an increased need to meet government-mandated reliability standards. Last but not least, a number of electricity retailers have been forced to raise their rates due to higher costs from borrowing after the global financial crisis.

Today, energy network businesses are now required to meet higher government service standards that mandate the frequency of electricity supply, as well as blackout durations. These regulations are set in place by individual state governments and can vary nationwide.

To provide an example, New South Wales electricity networks have been required to meet the strictest reliability standards in Australia since 2007. Networks in the state are obligated to provide customers with power supply 99.98% of the time on average – equivalent to less than two hours per customer per year.

As state electricity networks struggle to meet strict reliability standards, extra expenses are incurred in order to improve electricity infrastructures to support the growing demand for both business and residential energy. Due to this fact, many retailers have been forced to increase electricity rates in order to compensate for extra costs.

Customers in states with full retail competition do have the freedom to compare and make the switch to find the cheapest power company for them from our network of leading suppliers operating in their area. By using a simple, free electricity comparison, you could save perhaps hundreds of dollars on annual power bills in minutes!

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