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Energy Company Comparison

Post on June 14th, 2015

Whether you’re looking for a new connection or are simply shopping for better electricity rates, you’ve come to the right place. You can use our absolutely free energy company comparison service to compare apples to apples and find for yourself a better electricity deal available in your area.

What is the best part? ElectricityWizard will help you to save time and money. Just call 1300 359 779 or fill out the form below for more information. One of our friendly customer service representatives will walk you step-by-step through the process to potentially save you hundreds of dollars on energy (per annum) in just 5 minutes.

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One Energy Company Comparison Could Save You Up to 20%

If you’re trying to make your electricity bills as affordable as possible, it helps to know that your energy retailer is on your side. Leading electricity retailers like AGL are doing their part to educate customers about how to conserve energy at home to make quarterly electricity bills as inexpensive as possible.

As the first step in the right direction, AGL encourages customers to assess how much energy they use around the house each day to determine where power is being wasted. One effective way to live smarter is to evaluate household energy use to determine where you can conserve electricity.

Remember, the more electricity that you save, the more money that you will save on your energy bill! It will also benefit the environment at the same time.

Based on electricity consumption statistics for the average Australian household, here is how most energy is consumed:

  • Heating/Cooling: 38%
  • Hot Water: 25%
  • Standby Power: 10%
  • Refrigeration: 7%
  • Lights: 7%
  • Washing/Drying: 5%
  • Lifestyle Appliances: 4%
  • Cooking: 4%

Given the fact that heating and cooling accounts for the majority of a household’s annual power usage, it’s more important than ever to take precautionary measures to insulate your walls well at home. Effective insulation could save you up to 20% off your winter heating bills!

Additional ceiling insulation can also be used to keep heat from escaping through the roof. This can again reduce household heating usage by another impressive 10%.

If you’re ready to save money on electricity, it helps to start out with a free energy company comparison. To make sure that you are paying one of the best rates available, contact ElectricityWizard today for a free quote!

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