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Post on June 14th, 2015

Comparing energy companies in Victoria has never been so easy! You can take advantage of competitive deals in your local area to reduce expensive annual power bills.

ElectricityWizard will provide you with an absolutely free energy comparison, available at no obligation to you. You can use our free service for residential and business customers to compare through the offers of a host of electricity and gas suppliers in your area. The objective is for you to reduce your expensive utilities usage by as much as hundreds of dollars each year.

If you’re ready to make the switch, simply contact ElectricityWizard at 1300 359 779 or fill out the form below for more information. One of our skilled customer service representatives will help you to compare apples to apples to find for you a better energy deal to meet your needs.

Exercise Your Right to Choose: Compare Energy Companies in VIC

As an energy customer, you are protected by a number of rights through consumer energy laws nationwide. Energy Made Easy explains that national energy retailers are now required to provide customers with printed materials as of 1 July 2012 in an Energy Price Fact Sheet when a customer signs up for a new contract.

This contract will detail specific terms and conditions in an energy agreement, and it will also provide information regarding energy rates, action that will be taken if a customer cannot pay their bill, action that will be taken if customer supply is discontinued, and a customer’s right to complain about any retailer issues.

As an electricity customer, you have the right to fair and honest treatment from any energy retailer that you choose. There are a number of nationwide laws that will protect you from any deceptive conduct on the part of a local energy retailer.

Customers that are on the lookout for cheaper electricity rates can start by comparing energy companies in VIC. In one geographic area, energy retailers often provide competitive offers in order to support healthy competition in the electricity marketplace to win over a customer’s business.

In addition, all electricity retailers are required to treat customers ethically based on the laws and regulations outlined above. As a result, you have the right as a customer to choose the best energy retailer to meet your household needs based on price, contract terms and conditions, customer service, and much more.

ElectricityWizard works as an energy broker and can help you to compare apples to apples to find the right electricity retailer to meet your household needs. We will take into account energy rates, terms and conditions, green options, credits, and much more to help you find a fair energy deal in minutes!

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