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Post on June 13th, 2015

It’s never been easier to save money on electricity than when you use our absolutely free energy comparison service. When you contact ElectricityWizard at 1300 359 779 or fill out the form below, you can easily compare from many of the energy companies in the Gold Coast, all in a matter of minutes.

ElectricityWizard has proudly helped over 165,000 Australians to compare their local energy market in seeking out better available deals, and seek out big savings. We want to do the same for you! You can use our free service for homes and businesses comparing local retailers to help you save money in just minutes.

ElectricityWizard makes it effortless to possibly save money on energy. Contact us for a no-obligation price comparison today!

Why Compare Energy Companies in the Gold Coast?

It’s no secret that electricity prices are on the rise throughout the nation. As a customer, it’s more important than ever before to exercise your right to choose to find cheaper energy companies in the Gold Coast to make power bills more affordable.

On top of that, many customers have noticed their quarterly electricity bills increasing dramatically. What is the reason? According to the Energy and Water Ombudsman of Queensland, the following factors could be to blame:

• Changes in season

• More people living in the same house

• Faulty appliances

• New appliances operated on standby mode

• Energy guzzling appliances

• Gas or water leaks

• Inaccurate meter readings

• Estimated accounts

• Extra fees and charges

• Tariff changes

• Delayed billing

Supplier error

If you feel that your most recent electricity bill was erroneously charged, you have the right to complain to your electricity retailer. If you have any issues with a current bill, you can contact your energy company directly to explain your situation. With this type of complaint, it’s important to keep detailed records of letters, names, dates, and times of contact.

If the customer service is unable to help resolve your issue, request to speak to a supervisor instead. In the unfortunate event that a problem still isn’t taken care of appropriately, it’s important to contact EWOQ to make an official complaint.

If your quarterly energy bills have become more expensive, there’s something you can do about it. In addition to investigating any inaccurate charges on your most recent bill, you can contact the experts for a quick, easy energy comparison.

ElectricityWizard will help you to quickly and easily compare through many of the energy companies in the Gold Coast. With us you can find a more affordable local retailer, and start saving on your next electricity bill today!

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