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Post on June 13th, 2015

The truth is that Australia is in a crisis when it comes to the state of the electricity market. Today, retailers in every state have been forced to raise their rates to compensate for a number of unexpected expenses. As a result, the average customer is paying more than ever on their annual power bills with no sign of relief in sight.

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How to Dispute Faulty Bills from Energy Companies in SA

As an energy customer in South Australia, it’s in your best interest to take advantage of an absolutely free electricity comparison to make sure that you are paying the most affordable prices near you. You can start out by comparing energy companies in South Australia to locate a provider with the best rates to meet your needs!

From there, it pays to become a savvy consumer. Energy retailers throughout the state recommend getting familiar with your electricity and gas meters to assess how much energy your household uses day after day. This is one smart way to keep energy consumption to a minimum, and it will also help you to detect any billing issues as they arise.

If you feel like you have been charged too much on your last quarterly bill, it’s important to contact your electricity retailer directly to resolve the issue. If the problem isn’t taken care of in a timely manner, you also have the option to contact the Energy and Water Ombudsman in South Australia directly.

Customers with an energy or water complaint that has not been resolved by their retailer can contact the Ombudsman to provide details of the problem; it’s recommended to keep clear records of dates, times, and names of any representatives that were contacted when calling an electricity supplier.

This type of unresolved energy issue is a serious matter. Make sure that you have taken all precautionary steps necessary to resolve a problem before contacting a higher authority for help. Nonetheless, the Energy and Water Ombudsman is on your side as an energy customer in South Australia and will help you to resolve any electricity-related problems in a fair and timely manner.

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How to Compare Electricity Providers

ElectricityWizard allows you to quickly and conveniently compare through many of the best electricity providers and plans in your area. One of our trained specialists can help you find the available rates and options in your service region so that you can choose a plan better meeting your needs.

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