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Post on June 13th, 2015

ElectricityWizard works as an expert energy broker to help both residential and business customers save remarkable amounts of money on annual electricity. You can take advantage of our absolutely free service by calling 1300 359 779 or filling out the form below for more information on how you may be able to cut a sizable chunk off your annual energy bill!

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Make Expensive Electricity Bills Cheaper: Compare Energy Companies in QLD

If you’ve noticed that your last electricity bill was more expensive than ever before, you’re certainly not alone. Electricity customers throughout the nation have experienced rising energy prices as a result of the newly introduced federal carbon tax, in combination with a number of other factors needed to fund electricity network upgrades and keep up with growing customer demand.

The Energy and Water Ombudsman of Queensland provides the following possible explanations for an unreasonably high quarterly electricity bill:

• Weather Changes: As the seasons change, it’s important to work proactively to keep electricity costs to a minimum. Try to cool your home naturally in the summertime and put on warmer clothing in the winter before turning on the heater.

• More Household Occupants: If there are more people living under your roof, including guests or temporary residents, it can greatly impact your quarterly energy and water usage.

• New Technologies/Appliances: Upgrades in technology and appliances can easily increase energy consumption at home, if you have upgraded to an LCD or plasma TV, for example. A number of new household appliances consume a significant amount of energy on standby mode when an appliance remains plugged into the wall when not in use.

• Inefficient Appliances: Conversely, older, inefficient appliances can drain energy consumption around the house. It helps to contact an electrician to examine aging appliances to determine if an energy-efficient upgrade is needed.

• Faulty Meter: Last not least, an unreasonably high electricity bill could be the result of a faulty meter. As customer, it’s critical to read your meters regularly to determine if higher energy charges are due to an error or a defective meter.

If you’re ready to compare energy companies in QLD, you’ve come to the right place. Contact ElectricityWizard for an absolutely free electricity comparison today!

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