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Post on June 13th, 2015

ElectricityWizard has helped over 165,000 Australians to compare a host of available electricity and gas supply options. We help people to switch electricity suppliers when they see there are massive savings on annual energy for them to grab on to. Our service is fast, accurate, and absolutely free – available at no obligation to you. You could compare and save in just 5 minutes.

If you’re ready to switch electricity suppliers to lock in any available lower rates in your area, call us directly at 1300 359 779 or fill out the form below. ElectricityWizard will compare apples to apples to help you to find a better electricity retailer to meet your household needs with any better energy rates available from our large network of preferred suppliers.

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Switch Electricity Suppliers and You Too Could Make Household Expenses More Affordable

Households in each state are experiencing massive electricity price increases, especially after the introduction of the federal carbon tax in July 2012. Electricity retailers in each state that are now required to pay the federal carbon tax have increased electricity prices in order to compensate, meaning that customers can expect to pay more with each quarterly bill.

For families that are feeling the strain in their household budget, this financial crunch may be due to the fact that while the inflation rate in Australia remains low in historical standards, the cost of electricity has risen by a staggering amount!

This shift in the balance may be difficult for most households to handle financially, but families with low incomes will take the hit hardest of all. Low income families will spend a significant portion of their household income on basic necessities, yet as electricity becomes more unaffordable, it could exceed the means of a limited household budget.

Within the past three years, the inflation rate has lowered from 2.9% to 1.6%. Yet electricity prices continue to increase year after year at 18.2% in 2009/2010, 11.7% in 2010/2011, and 9.9% in 2011/2012.

Years ago, Australia was known for having inexpensive electricity and gas prices thanks to its abundance of natural resources, but it seems that those days have passed. Taking into account the federal carbon tax, Australian households are now paying some of the costliest electricity rates in the world with no sign of relief in sight.

Households on fixed budgets can start out on the right foot when they switch electricity suppliers to take advantage of lower rates in their area. Homeowners and businesses alike could compare and save right now with a quick, free electricity comparison quote. We want to help you reduce annual power expenses in just 5 minutes, but we want you to make substantial savings for years to come!

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ElectricityWizard has a free call back service that will advise you if there is a better electricity plan released at any time by one of our preferred suppliers. This service will keep you constantly updated with better rates and discounts in your area so that you never have to worry about wasting money on your electricity bill.

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