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Post on June 13th, 2015

ElectricityWizard has proudly helped over 165,000 customers to compare rates. We are in business to help Australians find a cheaper deal on electricity and gas bills. If you’re ready to potentially save a bundle on annual energy, you can start by comparing electricity suppliers in Sydney with a free quote available at no obligation to you!

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Cost of Living in NSW Rises as Electricity Suppliers in Sydney Increase Rates

Sydney customers may be shocked when they open their next electricity bill, and it isn’t just their imagination. Households in outer northwest Sydney have been confirmed to have the highest average electricity bills in the country, especially after the latest price increases from electricity suppliers in Sydney as a result of the federal carbon tax.

Residences in Sydney suburbs that include Hillside, Forest Glenn, and Glenorie are paying an astonishing amount for annual electricity at up to $4899 on average!

According to New South Wales electricity distributor Ausgrid, household size and weather could be to blame for outrageously priced electricity bills for some, but not all, city households. One main reason for expensive power prices charged by electricity suppliers in Sydney may be due to climate since households in areas with extreme temperatures are likely to use more energy compared to regions with milder weather.

Nonetheless, households in all areas of the state are feeling the pinch from rising power costs that are related to the new introduction of the federal carbon tax in July 2012, as well as extra expenses necessary to pay for electricity network renovations to support the growing demand for energy state-wide.

Customers on the lookout for cheaper rates can start by comparing electricity suppliers in Sydney to make sure that they are paying amongst the most competitive prices available in their area. With the use of a free electricity comparison, you may have the opportunity to easily reduce annual power prices. We work hard to help you put a bundle back into your bank account each year.

To get started on your electricity comparison, call us directly at 1300 174 325! Make sure to have your last electricity bill in hand so that we can compare payment plans, rates, terms and conditions, green options, and much more to help us locate for you the right energy deal to meet your household needs.

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