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Post on June 13th, 2015

Slashing expensive electricity bills by a bundle per year really could be that easy for you when you use our free, accurate electricity comparison service. ElectricityWizard is happy to do the hard work for you to compare through an assortment of available rates and help you find a cheaper deal from more affordable electricity retailers in Sydney.

Compare and make the switch, fill out the form below or call us directly at 1300 359 779 to speak to a friendly customer service representative. What is the best part? Our no-obligation quote is available for free and it will take just minutes for a service that could locate cheaper rates for you saving you your hard earned money starting today!

There’s a reason why more than 165,000 Australians have relied on ElectricityWizard to compare and seek out more affordable electricity retailers across Australia. Like you they wanted to also save on their electricity and gas.

Choosing from Electricity Retailers in Sydney with Lower Rates Will Save You a Bundle When You Find the Right One

New South Wales is home to the largest electricity market in Australia, serving 3 million residential customers and 350,000 businesses. In New South Wales, three electricity networks distribute electricity throughout the state, owned by the New South Wales Government:

  1. Integral Energy
  2. Country Energy
  3. Energy Australia

As a result, the New South Wales Government works together with IPART to set price maximums on rates that can be charged to customers using regulated energy price plans. Each individual energy company has the choice to charge below or above regulated prices for customers with market contracts, although this occurs very rarely.

Most often, customers will find that energy retailers adopt government-regulated rates as their base prices and offer extra discounts to entice customers to use their service.

Today, 12 energy companies are available as electricity retailers in Sydney and NSW:

  1. ActewAGL
  2. AGL
  3. Australian Power & Gas
  4. Country Energy
  5. Dodo Power & Gas
  6. Energy Australia
  7. Integral Energy
  8. Lumo Energy
  9. Origin Energy
  10. Powerdirect
  11. Red Energy
  12. TRUenergy

This is just one more reason why it can literally pay off big to compare electricity retailers in Sydney to find cheaper rates available for your household. On top of that, the electricity retailers listed above make different discounts, payment plans, and pricing structures available to customers to help them save money on quarterly electricity bills.

Sydney electricity retailer AGL offers customers unique billing options that include direct debit, pay by mail, pay by phone, pay by credit card online, post Billpay, and even Bill Smoothing – where customers can spread their total annual energy cost across equal monthly payments to make budgeting for utilities even easier.

If you want to find the right electricity retailer in Sydney with cheap rates and an affordable payment plan, call us and you could make a money saving switch today!

Take Action: Don’t Put It Off!

ElectricityWizard has helped over 165,000 Australians compare energy plans. We work to help you find a better deal on your power bills by comparing different suppliers and ensuring that you find a better one for you. We want to link you up with a lower cost contract, a contract that meets your needs.

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