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Home Electricity Rates

Post on June 13th, 2015

Homeowners throughout Australia are fed up with expensive home electricity rates, and we don’t blame them! That’s why we have designed the ElectricityWizard comparison service to do the hard work for you. We work to find for you cheaper electricity prices from a leading retailer near you in less than 5 minutes.

What is the best part? Our service is absolutely free. By filling in the form below or calling 1300 557 701, you can speak to one of our skilled customer service representatives to get a fast, convenient quote at no obligation to you.

The time to save on expensive electricity rates is now. You may be able to easily reduce your home electricity rates each year with a quick, convenient electricity comparison!

Go Green at Home and Reduce Your Annual Energy Bills

On top of using electricity comparison to possibly dramatically reduce your annual home electricity rates, you can make a few changes around the house to go green and make your next electricity bill even more affordable!

Here are some helpful tips for green living that will save you money and benefit the environment at the same time:

  • Consider green electricity. By switching to green power from carbon-neutral resources, including hydro, solar, and wind, you can minimize greenhouse gas emissions and greatly benefit the environment. Granted, switching to green energy will cost you roughly 10% more on your electricity bill, yet it may be a worthwhile switch for environmentally conscious households hoping to make a difference.
  • Stop wasting water. One of the best ways to prevent water from being wasted at home by at least 33% is to install spray taps on all sinks. On top of that, when you install an aerating, energy-efficient showerhead, it will insert bubbles of air into the hot water that is dispensed to reduce your total water flow by up to 30%. The good news is that this type of shower head will cut down on the amount of electricity that is used to heat water in your hot water tank to reduce expensive electricity bills even further.
  • Switch to energy-efficient lighting. Did you know that traditional light bulbs use up to five times more electricity than energy-efficient alternatives? When you eliminate halogen light bulbs around the house, you can conserve energy and cut down on the expense of lighting your home to make your annual power bills more affordable.

Are you ready to save? On top of trying out the helpful green living tips listed above, you can potentially save large sums of money on home energy rates by using our helpful electricity comparison service today!

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