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Electricity Comparison Victoria

Post on June 13th, 2015

If you’re sick of paying too much for your electricity and gas, you’re certainly not alone. Customers throughout Australia have taken advantage of our electricity comparison service to compare apples to apples and find lower electricity and gas rates in just a few moments.

To take advantage of potentially savings in your area, start out with an electricity comparison in Victoria today. You can call us directly at 1300 359 779 or fill in the form below to receive a fast, free quote available at no obligation to you!

ElectricityWizard will do the hard work for you to help you find better rates available in your area with the right payment method to suit your household needs. We’ll also protect you from unexpected price increases and contract terms with expensive penalties to potentially put back into your bank account each year.

Overcome Expensive Power Prices with a Quick Electricity Comparison in Victoria

When it comes to the future of energy prices in Victoria, the outlook isn’t good. Victorians face surges in electricity rates over the next year; some homeowners may experience energy bills inflated so high that it will be difficult to pay them off entirely.

At the beginning of 2012, electricity customers in Victoria saw an average power price increase of 10%. Unfortunately, this basic charge was for connection to the electricity grid, so that customers weren’t able to save by conserving power usage at certain times of the day. Even worse, another price jump is expected in mid-2012 by up to 10% once again, after the introduction of the carbon tax.

Experts believe that these price increases will impact future electricity rates, especially after the introduction of Smart Meters to all households in Victoria. Smart Meters will be used to gauge energy consumption every half hour, as opposed to every three months. As a result of this increased accuracy, time-of-use tariffs can be charged so that customers will be billed more for electricity used in peak periods, with cheaper electricity rates for usage in off-peak periods.

If you’re a renter, homeowner, or business owner, it literally pays to start out on the right foot with an electricity comparison in VIC. You can take advantage of the most competitive rates on the market to reduce expensive power bills by a potential percentage each year in just 5 minutes of your time.

Remember – our electricity comparison service is absolutely free and available at no obligation to you. We’ll provide you with an impartial comparison of competitive electricity rates in your area to help you counteract rising power prices in Victoria. Call us to make the switch today!

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