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Electricity Company South Australia

Post on June 13th, 2015

Looking for cheaper electricity companies in South Australia?

By taking a few moments to compare electricity retailers in your area, you may have the opportunity to dramatically save and lower your annual power bills!

For the many homeowners looking for a cheaper electricity company in South Australia to save money on utilities, the choice is clear. Using ElectricityWizard’s electricity comparison service will compare apples to apples, working hard to help you secure cheaper electricity rates.

If you’re ready to compare and perhaps save today, simply call 1300 763 849 or fill in the form below for a free quote at no obligation to you.

How to Conserve Electricity and Save More Money on Annual Power

According to leading energy retailer Origin Energy, there are several important tactics that you can use to reduce electricity usage around the house today:


If you want to heat your home efficiently, consider the use of gas ducted heating. It is also important to only heat on days when the temperature is 10°C or lower, as opposed to 12°C. This simple change could save you up to 20% on energy used to heat your home in cold weather!

Likewise, running an air conditioner during hot weather is expensive and energy-inefficient. Make sure to set your thermostat no lower than 24°C to cut down on outrageous electricity costs needed to cool your home on hot days.


The next time that one of your light bulbs burns out, consider switching brands altogether. Using a traditional dichroic light bulb will require 50 W per bulb per hour; switching to a 35 W replacement bulb will provide the same light quality and could save you 164 kWh of electricity each year!


Buying a newer, energy-efficient model of refrigerator will reduce your total energy expenditure by 40%. The motor of your refrigerator should only run for a few hours a day to keep your food and perishable items cool. If your refrigerator runs constantly, it may need a tune-up or to be replaced entirely to prevent electricity from being wasted each day.

Using the tips listed above to conserve energy around the house will reduce your annual power bills dramatically. When you couple that with cheaper rates from an affordable electricity company in South Australia, your jaw will drop at how much you will save when you reduce your electricity bills!

Compare and Save Today!

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