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Post on June 13th, 2015

Have you made the switch yet? If you are still using the same electricity provider, then you are probably paying too much for your electricity company in Adelaide.

Happy customers throughout Australia have used ElectricityWizard’s accurate electricity comparison service to help them save money on their electricity bills in minutes. To compare a range of electricity retailers in Adelaide and make the switch today, simply fill in the form below for a free quote or call 1300 359 779 for more information.

When you use us to seek out savings on electricity, it is free to use our helpful, accurate electricity comparison service. It is also provided at no obligation to you!

Save Money on the Rising Costs of Electricity

Yes, electricity prices are rising, and they will only continue to increase as electricity networks raise their costs to fund aging and outdated electricity infrastructures throughout Australia. When you add to that the price of the renewable energy schemes set in place by the government, it’s no wonder that household electricity bills are higher than ever before.

The first and most important step that you can take to potentially save money on expensive electricity prices is to compare and switch electricity retailers using our quick, accurate electricity comparison service. On top of that, it pays to assess your electricity usage around the house to find out where you could be wasting electricity and hiking up your power bills even further.

According to the Intrusive Residential Standby Survey Report of 2005, the standby electricity usage for the average household in Australia is 807 kW per year.

This means that when you leave your appliances on standby mode, it could waste $180 a year in unnecessary electricity usage! Collectively, Australians coast-to-coast are wasting over $1 billion on standby electricity consumption every year.

If you want to put $180 per year back into your pocket, turn off appliances completely instead of placing them on standby mode. You can also plug all large appliances and electronics into a power strip in each room that you can turn off every night before you go to bed. This will make it easy to remember to turn off appliances overnight to cut down on unnecessary electricity expenditure while you sleep.

Given the fact that electricity prices are rising in Australia and will likely only continue to increase, it’s time to become smart and savvy as a consumer. You can start the process by comparing and then upon finding a great deal for you, switching to a cheaper electricity company in Adelaide with ElectricityWizard today!

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