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Post on June 13th, 2015

Save money by comparing electricity companies in Victoria

Do you feel like you’re paying too much for electricity as a homeowner or renter in Victoria? It’s not your imagination. In the past few years, electricity prices have continued to rise without any relief in sight. But with the number of electricity companies in Victoria, there’s one big thing you can do to reduce your bills, and help you save money.

If you want to reduce your annual energy bills by perhaps even hundreds of dollars a year, a great place to start is by using the ElectricityWizard comparison service. We are here to help you find a cheaper electricity company in Victoria today. This quick, free electricity comparison could help you reduce your total power bills and put your hard-earned money back into your bank account, where it belongs.

To get started, simply fill in the form below or call 1300 763 849 for a free, convenient electricity comparison at no obligation to you!

How we’ll help you compare electricity companies

We’re here to do the heavy lifting for you, so here’s what we look at when we compare electricity companies.

  • We make sure the supplier suits you. Whether you’re after a supplier who’s locally owned and operated, or you’d rather an electricity company that gets their power from greener energy sources, we’ll look into it, so you can get a plan with a supplier that matches your needs.
  • We’ll check the terms and conditions to make sure everything is a-ok. We’ll find out your usage rate, network charge, tariff, and any fees or conditions that may require you to pay more money in the future. Basically, we’ll make sure you know all the numbers the supplier is offering, so you can make a more informed decision.
  • We’ll compare apples to apples, and make sure you’re getting the right type of electricity plan. There are generally two types of plans available to you: fixed rate plans and variable rate plans. A fixed rate plan means your usage rate is fixed for the length of the contract, and a variable rate plan means the usage rate can change, whether it’s due to the wholesale cost of energy, or at your supplier’s discretion—whichever suits you, we’ll make sure we’re comparing the right ones.
  • We’ll also ask to see if the supplier is willing to match—or even beat—rates set by their competitors. With the competition on the electricity market today, energy suppliers are often will to match what their competitors are offering as a way to get you as their customer. You can use this to your advantage when comparing electricity companies, as this gives you the chance to get a better rate, with a supplier that you prefer.
  • We’ll check to see if the supplier offers any discounts, rewards, or freebies. You might be able to get a discount on simply switching to email correspondence, or setting up direct debit billing; or there could be a special where you sign up for a plan and get a year’s supply of movie tickets—you never know! We’ll make sure you know which plan offers the cheapest discounts, and whether it’s actually worth it.

So in a nutshell, that’s what we do for you when we compare electricity companies. In fact, we recommend that you compare rates and plans every 12 to 24 months, so as to give yourself the best chance of staying on top of the market.

But that’s not all you can do to reduce your electricity costs each year. In fact, you can start right there in your home, and fight the rising costs of living without even going outside.

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Conserve energy to save money on annual power bills

Simply Energy, a leading electricity and gas retailer for customers in South Australia and Victoria, has provided a few expert tips for ways to conserve energy around the house to save even more money on your annual electricity bills:

  1. Start with your swimming pool. Many homeowners don’t realize that electric pool pumps waste a significant amount of unnecessary electricity. If you have a swimming pool at home, you could expend the equivalent of the electricity used by seven people to run your pump each year! When purchasing a pool pump, make sure to look for Energy Star ratings, which have been in effect since 2010, to purchase an energy-efficient alternative that will cut down on your regular electricity usage.
  2. Consider gas powered appliances. If you have an electric oven and an electric cook top, you will use much more electricity than with an energy-efficient gas powered appliance. You can still conserve electricity when cooking by keeping a lid on all pots and pans and using the microwave instead whenever possible.
  3. Switch to a gas-boosted solar hot water system. Instead of using an electric or gas hot water heater, using a gas-boosted solar hot water system could make you eligible for a rebate and government incentives that will reduce the total installation cost. Using a gas-boosted solar hot water system will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to benefit the environment, and it could cut down on your annual power bills by a whopping 75%!

But that’s not all. Here are a few more tips that you can put into effect right now that can all add up to save you money in the long run:

  • The most obvious one is to turn off any lights you don’t need. Switch them off them you leave the room! Leaving unnecessary lights on is money you could be saving, so start small and see the savings build up.
  • Switch off non-essential appliances at the wall. Things like TVs, computers, dryers, washing machines, phone charges, and even microwaves use a surprising amount of power when they’re still plugged in, so turning them off is another quick and easy way to save. After all, it’s the little things that add up.
  • Dry your clothes outside instead of in the dryer. Drying four loads of laundry outside in the fresh are, rather than in the dryer, has the potential to reduce your electricity bill almost $150.
  • Make the most of our (mostly) beautiful Aussie weather (sorry, Melbourne), and use natural cooling methods to reduce your temperatures in summer. Simply remember to close your windows, blinds, and curtains during the day to keep the sun’s heat out, then open them up again when the sun starts to set, and let the cooler evening air in.
  • Ditch the air conditioner and use a fan instead. Using a fan works out to be 80% cheaper to use, and can help you save up to $200 a year on your bill.
  • When you do switch the air conditioner on, think about the temperature. It doesn’t need to be icy. Setting it to between 23°C and 26°C can save roughly $80 on your power bill. For every degree that you increase it you’ll save roughly 10% on the cost of electricity it uses. The same goes for winter, but in reverse.
  • Like with lighting, you don’t need to be in every room of your house at the same time, so only cool or heat rooms that you’re actually using. Closing internal doors to rooms in the house that don’t require cooling or heating helps you to run a more efficient household, as it’s much quicker and cheaper to heat or cool one room, as opposed to your entire house.
  • Use door snakes to reduce draughts in cold weather.
  • Check and replace the seals on your refrigerator to make it more energy-efficient.
  • The average four-person Australian household can comfortably survive on one fridge, so if you’re running two fridges, consider only using one—after all, do you really need a drinks fridge? The second fridge is generally the older one, and older fridges use anywhere from two to three times more electricity than newer, energy-efficient models. Using only one fridge has the potential to save you up to an estimated $200 a year on your bill.
  • Run your high-powered appliances, like your dishwasher or your washing machine, during off-peak times. This means you’ll generally be running a fuller load, so you’ll use it less, and running them at night time means you’ll most likely be doing it outside of peak electricity hours, so you’ll see a reduction in your usage rate.

Simple, aren’t they? By taking precautions to save energy around the house, you can reduce expensive power bills dramatically. But first, make sure that you start out on the right foot by using the ElectricityWizard comparison service to seek out and get cheaper electricity rates on your energy bills today!

Get a better deal on your electricity bills

Getting a better deal on your bill doesn’t have to be hard, you just have to know what to look for when comparing electricity suppliers and plans.

At Electricity Wizard, we do all the hard work for you. When you call us, we’ll compare your rates and plans against our preferred suppliers available in your area and help you select a great right plan for you. We are here to help you cut down costs and meet any other criteria you may have. Best of all, our service is completely free, so what do you have to lose?

Try us today! Call Electricity Wizard now on 1300 359 779 or fill out your details below to have one of our comparison specialists help you get a better deal on your energy bills starting today!

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