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Gas And Electricity Brisbane

Post on June 13th, 2015

Looking for cheaper gas and electricity in Brisbane?

The cost of living in Australia certainly isn’t cheap. In fact, Brisbane was ranked as the 14th most expensive city in the world, 25% more expensive than New York City!

What gives? According to a survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, rising prices throughout the state, partially triggered by increasing prices in oil and commodities, have driven up prices on food, rent, and utilities throughout the city.

Believe it or not, it’s actually cheaper to live in Vienna, London, Hong Kong, or Beijing than to live affordably in some capital cities in Australia. Residents of Brisbane are searching for solutions to save on increasing costs to continue to maintain an affordable lifestyle in the city.

The good news is that there is one solution to help reduce increasing costs for electricity and gas in Brisbane. You can use our handy electricity comparison service to compare apples to apples and you too could find a cheaper electricity retailer in just a few moments. You could do all this today.

To potentially start saving on your annual power bills to counteract the rising cost of living in Brisbane, simply call us at 1300 763 849 or input your information the form below for a free quote at no obligation to you!

But that’s not all. With just a few small changes to your usage habits, you’ll be able to see some big changes in the cost of your electricity bill.

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Simple ways to save money on utilities

If you want to combat rising power prices as a Brisbane resident, there is so much that you could be doing that you’ll kick yourself for not doing it sooner. Here are some helpful tips that you can use today to start seeing big savings on the cost of your utilities:

    • Re-insulate your home. Although it may cost to re-insulate your roof and home, this simple act will make it easier to keep your home cool in hot summer months and warm in the winter. It’s also important that all windows and doors are sealed properly to keep air in, which will make heating and cooling of your home even less expensive.


    • As well as insulation, or rather, if you’d prefer a simpler fix, use natural heating and cooling methods. During the stinking summer months, make sure to keep your windows, blinds, and curtains closed. This stops the sun from getting in, keeps your house cooler, and can even protect you from the sun’s rays.
      In the late afternoon when the sun starts to set, just open your curtains and windows and let in the cooler night air. This works in cold weather too, as closing your curtains keeps the heat in and helps to maintain a stable temperature.


    • If the heat does become unbearable, consider using the fan instead of the air conditioner. It uses much less energy, it moves the cooling air around the room, it’s 80% cheaper to use, and it’ll help you save up to $200 a year on your power bill.


    • If you do use the air conditioner (or heater, in winter), keep all the doors and windows in that room closed, so it heats or cools that room only. It costs far less to cool one room as opposed to a whole house.


    • Also think about your thermostat. Does it need to be that low? One of the most significant costs in household energy use is for heating and cooling your home, so by programming your thermostat to turn your air conditioner and heating on and off during certain times, you’ll avoid unnecessary usage and reduce the amount you spend on electricity when you’re not home.


    • Remember to regulate your thermostat and air conditioning, too. In the summer, keep your temperatures to between 23°C and 26°C, to save roughly $80 on your bill. In winter, keep it between 18°C and 20°C. For every degree that you change your thermostat you’ll save roughly 10% on the cost of electricity it uses. And really, you won’t notice the difference of two of three degrees.


    • Buy new light bulbs. The next time that a light bulb burns out at home, reconsider the brand that you are buying. When you use an energy-efficient light bulb, it will expend 25% less electricity than a standard light bulb. This means that in the course of a year, you will automatically save 25% on the regular use of lighting in your home.


    • Turn the computer off when it’s not in use. Many computers run on a 300+ watt power supply constantly uses electricity, so turning off any high-powered appliances when not in use, like computers, will greatly reduce the amount of electricity you waste every day.
    • Another simple fix is switching off any non-essential appliances at the wall, instead of leaving them on standby mode. Appliances like your TV, washing machine, microwave, dryer, kettle, and even the humble phone charger still suck power when they’re on standby, so switching off or unplugging saves you significant cash.

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    • Consider a water heater without a tank. A large majority of homes in Australia still rely on a water heater tank that requires gas to stay ignited 24 hours a day. As you can imagine, this wastes a significant amount of gas each year. By investing in a gas water heater without a tank, water will be heated instantly to reduce money spent on gas in each billing cycle.


    • If you do have a hot water storage tank, adjusting the temperature down from 80°C to 60°C can save you up to $70 a year in energy use.
    • Running high-powered appliances like your dishwasher or your washing machine during off-peak times means you’ll be charged less for your use. So find out what hours your retailer considers to be off-peak, and do your washing or wash your dishes then.


    • How many fridges do you have? For an average-sized household you really only need one, so if you’ve still got an older fridge running as a back-up, consider turning it off. Older fridges use two-to-three times more electricity than newer, energy-efficient models, and running on one fridge can save you up to an estimated $200 a year on your bill.


  • We’re a pretty warm country, so why not dry your clothes outside? Whether it’s on a rack, or the trusty Hills Hoist, take your clothes out into the sun and give them a natural airing. Drying four loads of laundry outside, instead of using the dryer, can reduce your electricity bill almost $150!

So with all the doom and gloom of the cost of living, it’s good to know that there are ways you can save money on your electricity bill, and stop spending so much for your utilities.

But that’s not all you can do. With the competition among the electricity providers in Brisbane at the moment, it also pays to consider switching retailers.

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How to compare electricity providers in Brisbane

ElectricityWizard allows you to quickly and conveniently compare from a wealth of electricity providers and plans in your area. One of our trained specialists can help you find many of the available rates and options in your service region so that you can choose a plan that better meets your needs and saves you money.

It pays to do your research beforehand, though, so you know what you’re getting yourself into.
There are currently almost 20 different electricity retailers in Brisbane, Queensland for both residents and businesses.

Electricity Providers in Brisbane

Each one of these suppliers will have a range of different plans on offer. Here’s what to pay attention to when comparing plans:

  • Terms and conditions – Look closely at the fine print for each plan, and compare rates, tariffs, and terms and conditions between before making a choice.
  • Plans vs Plans – The type of plan you choose will mean all the difference in the cost of your bill. You’ve got two types of plans to choose from: fixed rate and variable rate. Fixed rate means you’re locked at one usage rate for the whole term of the contract, and variable means that your usage rate can be changed at your supplier’s discretion. Remember this when looking at plans—be sure to pick the right one for your energy use.
  • Rate increases –While most electricity providers in Brisbane increase their rates generally only once per year, others have been known to change theirs with only 28 days’ notice, meaning your electricity bill can change drastically from month to month. We recommend looking at companies that cap their rate increases, so you get assurance you’ll be billed the same rate each cycle.
  • Match rates – That’s right, you can! Ask the supplier if they’re able match, or even beat, guarantees from other suppliers. They want you as a customer, so they’ll do what they can to attract you—even if this means offering the same rate, or better. You’ll be able to get a more competitive rate this way, and get more freedom to choose the supplier you want.
  • Discounts – Ask the supplier about any discount offers they might have available. You’ll be surprised—some retailers offer discounts for setting up direct debit payments, switching to email-only correspondence, or even just for paying your bill on time.But be sure to check they’re actually worth it, before you sign up. Ensure that the terms and conditions won’t penalise you for anything, such as forfeiting the discount due to late payments, and see that you’ll receive the benefit for the entirety of your plan. Make sure as well what the discount is on—is it your whole plan, or your usage charge? It always pays to do the maths before you make the switch, and see if the discount really is worth it.

Whichever supplier you end up choosing, we recommend that you change electricity providers in Brisbane every 12 to 24 months, so you can take advantage of new rates, new plans, and new technologies.

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