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Post on June 13th, 2015

Powercor is one of the five electricity distributors in Victoria, partnered with Citipower. Powercor is responsible for managing poles, wires, and equipment to reliably deliver electricity to homes and businesses in Melbourne and Central and Western Victoria.

Together with Citipower, Powercor’s electricity network services more than one million customers in Victoriafrom Central Melbourne to the western borders of South Australiato New South Wales. Powercor Australia is responsible for the largest electricity distribution network in Victoria with over 500,000 poles and 82,000 km of power lines.

Powercor services 700,000 customers in Central and Western Victoria, including the outer western suburbs of Melbourne. Powercor supplies electricity to major regional centers, including Bendigo,Geelong, and Ballarat, as well as popular tourist destinations in Victoria.

The Powercor distribution network covers 150,000 km spanning from the western suburbs of Melbourne to the South Australian borders in the west and the New South Wales borders in the north.

All electricity network charges are calculated including general service charges and network tariffs. A basic network tariff is made up of several separate charges:

  • Distribution Tariff – Charged when electricity is delivered through the Citipower network.
  • Transmission Tariff – Charged to SP Ausnet when electricity is transmitted through their high-voltage network.
  • Mandatory Cost Recovery – Charged to fund Victoria’s Premium Feed-In-Tariff.


The Powercor Advantage

As an energy  distribution network in the energy supply chain, Powercor commits safety, reliability, and affordability to its customers.

Excellent customer experience

Powercor offers services that are designed to satisfy customer expectations and accommodate new energy technologies.

Regulatory compliance

Powercor’s vision, plans, and operations as an essential service provider are subject to the approval and oversight of industry regulators.


Powercor recognises the impact of climate change. As it affects the environment and local communities, Powercor’s operations are geared towards a clean energy future.

Powercor Future Growth

Powercor invests millions of dollars on a yearly basis for the maintenance and development of its electricity distribution network. Powercor is focused on constantly expanding and increasing the capacity of its power lines to provide customers with safe and reliable electricity.

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